OMAK – Incidents reported to the Omak Police Department more than doubled in October compared to corresponding months in recent years past.

Police Chief Dan Christensen provided the statistics to the Omak Police Department on Nov. 1 showing his department had 404 incidents reported.

Christensen said the call volume is impacting the ability to investigate, especially recently as officers were investigating an armed robbery at the Stampede Mini Mart.

He said the reason for the rise in incidents is speculative but with recent changes in the law affecting some drug offenses and other matters, society is changing fundamentally. People are walking out of stores with items not to feed their families but to purchase drugs.

Mental health issues also are having an impact.

The increase in calls “reduces discretionary time, like proactive policing, investigations,” he told The Chronicle. “When you are in a report-to-report-to-report mode, you handle only the immediate.

“Our detective is well over 100 active investigations. We are having to high-grade what gets worked.”

Police are restricted in restraining individuals in certain situations, and having no designated crisis responders in the department is a concern.

He said officers put in a lot of overtime, but they also need time off to live their lives.

“I do get mad when I hear people think we are not working hard or trying,” he said.

Among recent theft and robbery complaints, not including vehicle prowls, fielded by the Omak Police Department and Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office were:

Oct. 22

Theft on Clarkson Mill Road, Tonasket. Two packages taken.

Theft on Kendall Street, Riverside.

Oct. 23

Theft on Highway 97, Oroville. Batteries and gas taken from tractors.

Theft on Main Street, Oroville.

Theft on North Douglas Street. Four-wheeler taken.

Burglary on Omak Avenue, Omak. Door kicked in.

Theft on Engh Road, Omak. Ear buds taken.

Oct. 24

Theft on Golden Lane Road, Brewster.

Burglary on Evans Ranch Road, Riverside. Generator, TV, guitar, gasoline, diesel and other items taken.

Burglary on South Second Avenue, Okanogan Oct. 25

Burglary on North Fifth Avenue, Okanogan. Game system, TV, shotgun and ammunition taken.

Theft on North Third Avenue, Okanogan. Two generators taken and a garden cart left behind.

Burglary on East Bartlett Avenue, Omak.

Robbery on Riverside Drive, Omak.

Oct. 25

Burglary on South Ferry Street, Omak. Plasma cutters and hand tools taken.

Theft on North Ash Street, Omak. Sleeping bag taken.

Oct. 27

Theft on Rodeo Trail, Okanogan. Parka taken.

Burglary on South Fourth Avenue, Okanogan.

Oct. 28

Theft on Old Riverside Highway, Omak. Generator taken.

Oct. 29

Theft on Rodeo Trail, Okanogan. Barbecue taken.

Theft on Chesaw Road, Oroville. Package taken from a mailbox.

Business burglary on Copple Road, Omak. Several vans entered.

Residential burglary on South Antwine Avenue, Tonasket.

Oct. 30

Theft on Landers Road, Malott.

Burglary on Ellisforde Bridge Road, Ellisforde.

Oct. 31

Theft on Seven Lakes Road, Riverside.

Burglary on South Second Avenue, Okanogan.

Burglary on North Cordell Road, Oroville.

Nov. 1

Burglary on North Second Avenue, Okanogan. Shop entered.

Burglary on South Western Avenue, Tonasket. Storage shed entered; lawn mower and weed trimmer taken.

Burglary on Llewellyn Lane, Oroville.

Theft on North Juniper Street, Omak.

Nov. 2

Burglary on South First Avenue, Okanogan. Tool shed entered; grinder, hammer drill and pump taken.

Theft on Havillah Road, Tonasket. Ton of hay taken.

Residential burglary on Highway 97, Oroville. TV taken.

Burglary on Pine Street, Omak. Hand tools taken.

Theft on Omache Drive, Omak. Electronics and batteries taken.

Nov. 3

Theft on Malott Eastside Road, Malott.

Burglary on Highway 20, Okanogan. Tools missing.

Burglary on Omak River Road, Omak. Tools, saw, drill, impact driver and other items taken from a garage.

Two burglaries on North Main Street, Omak.

Theft on North Main Street, Omak. Gun taken; later recovered.

Nov. 4

Business robbery on Hanford Street, Omak. Cash, cigarette torches taken.

Burglary on Omak Avenue, Omak.

Theft on Engh Road, Omak. TV taken.

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