prescribed fire

Prescribed fire helps restore the forest and remove unhealthy woody fuel build-up near Naches in 2016 in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, said the Forest Service.

WENATCHEE - Prescribed burning could start this month in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest.

“This is a fire forest, plain and simple,” said Forest Management Officer Rob Allen. “We should no sooner starve a rainforest of its rain than a fire forest of its fire. To be better protected and prepared for when wildfires visit, our communities nestled in this fire forest need frequent, lower-intensity fire on nearby public lands."

More than 11,000 are on the list for burning this fall, but the number of acres is dependent on conditions, said the U.S. Forest Service.

“While this summer was relatively quiet, there will always be fire and smoke here,” said Allen. “Every acre we burn now is one less acre burning under high-intensity, unsafe, dense smoke conditions in future summers.”

Residents and visitors can expect to see and smell some smoke each day during burning operations, forest officials said.

Fall priority burn areas in Okanogan County are:

-Bailey, 2,688 acres, 20 miles southeast of Tonasket.

-Frosty, 141 acres, 22 miles east of Tonasket.

-Crawfish, 250 acres, 20 miles southeast of Tonasket.

-Mutton, 1,705 acres, six miles northwest of Conconully.

-Lucky, 56 acres, six miles northwest of Winthrop.

-Upper Rendezvous, 210 acres, eight miles northwest of Winthrop.

-Lost Driveway, 611 acres, six miles west of Mazama.

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