From Brewster Police

Department reports

April 24

Vehicle crash on South Seventh Street.

Medical call on Hospital Way.

April 23

Malicious mischief on South Seventh Street.

April 22

Trespassing on South Bridge Street.

Malicious mischief on South Seventh Street.

Theft on South Fourth Street.

Malicious mischief on South Seventh Street. Laundry room damaged.

April 19

Property damage on West Griggs Avenue. Baseball went through a window.

April 18

Fire on Hospital Way at State Way.

From Coulee Dam Police Department reports

April 24

Malicious mischief on Yucca Street. Rock thrown through a window.

April 23

Assault on Roosevelt Way.

April 21

Burglary on Columbia Avenue.

From Oroville Police Department reports

April 24

Lost property on Main Street.

April 23

Burglary on Main Street. Medications taken.

Theft on Golden Street. Camera, jewelry, coins and other items taken.

April 22

Fire on Emery Road. Power pole on fire.

April 21

Found property on 23rd Avenue.

April 20

Attempted suicide on Kay Street.

April 19

Property damage on Main Street.

April 18

Theft on Main Street.

Vehicle crash on Main Street.

Theft on Main Street.

From Tonasket Police Department reports

April 24

Illegal burning on South Tonasket Avenue at East Third Street.

April 19

Boy bitten by a dog on North Whitcomb Avenue.

April 18

Assault on Fifth Street.

From Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office complaints

April 21

Sheep attacked and killed during the night on Kermel Road, Omak.

April 20

Vehicle theft on South Fourth Avenue, Okanogan.

Theft on First Street, Riverside. Fuel tank and gas can taken.

Vehicle prowl on U.S. Highway 97, Oroville.

Fire on Riverside Cutoff Road, Riverside.

Woman and dogs attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull on Wilson Road, Winthrop.

Theft on Balmes Road, Oroville. TV taken.

Malicious mischief on South Third Avenue, Okanogan.

Assault on South Second Avenue, Okanogan.

Malicious mischief on South Second Avenue, Okanogan.

April 19

Burglary on Sky Lane, Okanogan.

Assault on Conconully Road, Okanogan.

Vehicle crash on Malott Eastside Road, Okanogan.

Medical call on South Second Avenue.

Unattended death on Koala Avenue, Omak.

April 18

Vehicle crash on Old Highway 97 at Pioneer Road, Brewster.

Burglary on Tunk Creek Road, Riverside.

Vehicle crash on Rodeo Trail Road at Armory Junction Road, Okanogan.

Assault on Ed Louis Road, Okanogan.

Burglary on Sawtooth Lane, Winthrop.

April 17

Burglary on South Fourth Avenue, Okanogan. TV taken, dryer moved.

Assault on Molson Road, Oroville.

Vehicle crash on Chesaw Road.

Citizen assist on Glenwood Avenue, Riverside. Man fell out of a truck.

Assault on Hagood Cutoff Road, Tonasket.

Theft on Eastlake Road, Oroville.

April 16

Theft on Main Street, Riverside.

Theft on Miller Road, Omak. Hay taken.

Vehicle crash on North Sixth Avenue, Okanogan. Vehicle hit a rock wall and knocked a boulder into a driveway.

Assault on Old Highway 97, Okanogan.

Animal problem on Summit Lake Road, Tonasket. Two dogs shot.

April 15

Theft on South Second Avenue, Okanogan.

Burglary on U.S. Highway 97, Brewster.

Burglary on Monse Bridge Road, Brewster. ID, Social Security card, money taken.

Theft on Tyee Street, Okanogan. Speakers taken.

Fraud on Sunrise Heights Road, Okanogan. Social Security number used by another person.

Fire on county Highway 7, Tonasket.

April 14

Theft on Twisp-Winthrop Eastside Road, Winthrop. Three bicycles taken.

Fire on Miller’s Lane, Oroville.

Assault on North Second Avenue, Okanogan.

Assault on Elmway, Okanogan.

From Winthrop Marshal’s

Office reports

April 18

Forgery on Riverside Avenue.

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