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Ferry County Rail Trail Partners’ roller sits ready to compact a trail section.

REPUBLIC – Rainy weather over Memorial Day weekend provided moisture needed by volunteers reconditioning nine miles of the Ferry County Rail Trail.

The surface treatment team was comprised of Raine Knowles, John Eikelman, Michael Sternberg and Keith Bell, vice president of the Ferry County Rail Trail Partners. John and Kevin Metcalf, Don Keith and John Stotts from Stotts Construction provided technical assistance with the group's new twin drum vibrating roller, said spokesman Bob Whittaker.

“We worked with the Golden Tiger Pathway Committee, who allowed us to blade and then compact south of Herron Creek Road,” said Bell. “We were able to compact the entire 3.5-mile section to the pavement on the Golden Tiger.”

The group also compacted the 5.5-mile section of Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant surface on the west side of Curlew Lake.

Organizers of Get Out Fest, an outdoor recreation festival based out of the Ferry County Fairgrounds June 27-30, said improvements to that section of trail are important since they have scheduled a half marathon there at 9 a.m. June 29.

While the Curlew Lake and Golden Tiger Pathway sections are open to the public, there are still some northern segments of the trail that are closed. According to the Ferry County website, segments of the Ferry County Rail Trail remain closed because of unsafe conditions at Kiwanis Trailhead to Tucker Road, Empire Creek Road to Lundimo Meadows Road and Curlew to Lone Ranch Road.

Those segments will be reopened as soon as conditions are safe, officials said.

They were damaged last year during flooding.

Ferry County Rail Trail Partners is working with county commissioners, the county risk manager and officials with the state Department of Fish and Wildlife to fix the washouts and open the rest of the trail.

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