OKANOGAN – Owners of 43 parcels face foreclosure for unpaid taxes under a lawsuit filed by Okanogan County.

The county filed the lawsuit in early September against owners of the parcels because taxes for 2016 and previous years had not been paid. Once a foreclosure suit is filed, taxes are due for all years, including the current year, according to the treasurer’s office.

The owners were notified in July of the tax delinquencies. They have until 4 p.m. Dec. 5 to pay all back taxes, foreclosure costs and interest or their parcels will be sold.

An auction of unredeemed properties is set for 9 a.m. Dec. 6 in the commissioners’ hearing room of the Grainger Administration building, 123 N. Fifth Ave.

At the auction, sales will be made to the highest and best bidder for cash or cashier’s check, plus a per-parcel fee for an affidavit and processing. Payment must be made immediately after bidding.

All parcels will be sold on a “where is” and “as is” basis, said Treasurer Leah McCormack.

In 2018, the county filed a foreclosure lawsuit against owners of 52 parcels of land. Most were redeemed before the auction.

Fifteen parcels of 17 on the auction block were sold. Two did not sell; they became tax title properties and went to the county.

Minimum total bids – which include the amount of back taxes and interest owed plus sale costs – were $33,826.52. The parcels sold for $145,778.62, for a net of $111,952.10.

In 2017, 85 parcels were in the initial filing; most were redeemed but 29 were sold. The minimum bid aggregate was $75,458,80, with excess funds of $192,047.18 going to the county.

Three parcels were listed as tax title properties or went to the county.

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