Spokane man arrested following high-speed chase

Law enforcement officers arrested Nicholas Flatt, 29, of Spokane, after a high-speed chase Tuesday in this 2014 Ford Escape, registered in Idaho and reported stolen from Spokane County.

PALISADES — A Spokane man was arrested Tuesday after leading police on a high-speed chase in a stolen car.

Nicholas C. Flatt, 29, was apprehended following the chase that began about 4:02 p.m. He was booked into jail facing potential charges of possession of a stolen vehicle, felony eluding, reckless driving and driving with a suspended license.

Douglas County Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal said the chase began on state Highway 28 near Palisades Road when a deputy witnessed a blue 2014 Ford Escape speeding and making “dangerous passes.”

“When the deputy tried to stop the vehicle, it sped away at a high rate of speed,” Gjesdal said. “The deputy pursued with lights and siren. During the pursuit, the vehicle reached speeds of 120 mph.”

According to Gjesdal, the deputy stopped pursuing the suspect, later identified as Flatt, because of “unacceptable risk to other motorists.”

A short time later, the deputy saw the vehicle turn onto a dirt road near Palisades Road and resumed searching the area, the sheriff said, noting another deputy in a four-wheel drive joined the search near Crescent Bar.

By that time, the deputies had learned the Idaho-registered car was reported stolen from Spokane County.

Palisades-area residents called dispatch to report the vehicle was headed toward East Wenatchee, the sheriff said, noting the Washington State Patrol, Chelan County Sheriff’s Office and East Wenatchee police had been notified of the chase.

A State Patrol trooper near East Wenatchee spotted the stolen vehicle and turned to stop it, Gjesdal said, adding the Flatt continued to flee into the city, where a policeman used his patrol car to “force the suspect vehicle off the road.”

The chase ended I the parking lot of Walker’s Furniture, 176 Grant Road, Gjesdal said.

“Even after stopping, the suspect backed up and ran into the East Wenatchee Police Department car,” he said.

The vehicle sustained minor damage, but nobody was injured, he said.

Flatt was taken into custody and is under investigation for other possible crimes.

“I was involved in this incident, and it was very gratifying to see the area law enforcement agencies work together so tenaciously to capture this criminal,” Gjesdal said.

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