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BREWSTER— Although inpatient and outpatient revenues were below budget last month, Three Rivers Hospital finances continue to improve.

During a regular hospital meeting last week, hospital Chief Financial Officer Jennifer Munson said the operating margin was —3.89 percent as compared to —13.35 percent for January 2018.

“Total impatient days were 145 with an inpatient length of stay of 4.68 and an average daily consensus (ADC) of 4.68,” said Munson. “The budgeted ADC for 2019 is 3.64.  Contractuals are 41.99 percent of revenues for the month of January.  Cash position increased from December to January and cash receipts for January were $1,859,825.13.”

Munson said total expenses are also below budget for the month by $93,390. February cash deposits totaled $583,124, and accounts payable for February were at $493, 590.

In other business, the board of commissioners:

Approved gross payroll in the amount of $986,628; in $2,210,279; $131,878 in bad debt; and $55,329 in financial assistance.

 Approved the appointments of Drs. Julian Robledo and Muhammad Farooq. Learned Jennifer Best is filling the business development coordinator position previously held by Christopher Majors. Majors resigned last month.

“We are really excited that Jennifer wanted to do this, she already comes very well prepared for the job; she is liked in the community and accepted by the community and already has many points of contact established,” CEO Scott Gra-ham said. “Her writing skills are beyond par, and we have a lot of faith and are excited that she will lead us into the world of public relations, marketing and business development.”

The hospital will be recruiting people to fill Best’s former position as administrative assistant.

Learned the hospital has received a certificate of occupancy from the city to move into the emergency department. Chief Operations Officer Melanie Neddo said it can take up to 25 days to be approved by the state, but she doesn’t think it will take that long.

Learned the district pickup truck with the plow is broken and needs to be replaced. Munson said it will cost between $40,000-$50,000 to replace the 25-year-old vehicle.

Approved to have a petty cash fund for the emergency room.

Approved a negotiation with the RN Union for a pay raise for contract union nurses.

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