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OKANOGAN – Two people were charged Dec. 31 in Okanogan County Superior Court in connection with break-ins at the Omak Stampede ticket office and three other buildings in East Side Park.

The break-in came during the same holiday time period as several business burglaries in Omak.

Shawna L. Adolph, 41, was charged with second-degree burglary, second-degree theft and second-degree possessing stolen property in the Stampede break-in.

Justin D. Friedlander, 32, was charged with two counts of second-degree burglary and one count each of second-degree theft, second-degree possessing stolen property and third-degree malicious mischief-property damage in the same incident.

Bail for Adolph was set at $7,500 during a Dec. 27 preliminary hearing; bail for Friedlander was set at $5,000 during a preliminary hearing Dec. 27. The county contract public defender’s office was appointed to represent both.

Reports by Omak Police Department Detective Brien Bowling accompanied charging documents as probable cause statements.

Bowling was sent Dec. 26 to the Omak Stampede ticket office for a burglary that had occurred sometime since the evening of Dec. 24. Stampede Office Manager Sarah Grooms said she arrived Dec. 26 to find that the building had been entered, said the reports.

Eight laptop computers and a debit card were taken.

Investigation determined three other buildings near the arena had been forcefully entered, and a common shoe print was found at all the buildings. Bathroom cleaning supplies and soap were taken.

Bowling, in an interview, said the rodeo secretary’s office, shop building and announcer’s stand had been entered. Damage was done to a window and doors.

The debit card had been used twice at Walmart that same day, so Bowling went to the store and spoke to the asset protection officer, said the reports. A video allegedly showed Adolph and Friedlander, with Adolph allegedly making purchases of $392.35 and $930.55.

Bowling noted that both had been permanently trespassed from the store, meaning they were not allowed on the premises.

Adolph and Friedlander were contacted, and Friedlander allegedly had the missing debit card in his pocket. Items consistent with the Walmart purchases allegedly were found in a motel room where Adolph was located.

A search warrant was obtained for the motel room and a vehicle allegedly used by the two. Police located multiple items, apparently from Walmart, plus two laptop computers, keys with Omak Stampede tags, a flash drive and a pair of shoes with soles matching the prints found at the Stampede grounds, said the report.

According to the report, Adolph dropped Friedlander off near the ticket office. He allegedly called her a few hours later and told her to pick him up near the Stampede Apartments. At that point he allegedly had laptops with him.

Readiness hearings are set for Feb. 3 for both.

In the interview, Bowling said the Stampede break-in appears to be unrelated to several business burglaries around Christmas. Krista Marchand’s Farmers Insurance office, Brian Evans’ State Farm office, Intrigue Communications computer store and the Economic Alliance office were entered. Mostly laptops were taken, he said.

One suspect, Ira Frank, has been charged with second-degree burglary and second-degree malicious mischief.

Frank, 25, was arrested after officers discovered a break-in at Intrigue Communications while investigating another burglary complaint on the same block of Main Street, according to a report by Omak Officer Vernon Reyes that accompanied charging documents. After viewing a surveillance video, one of the officers recognized a dog accompanying the person who allegedly broke into the building.

One of the dog’s owners was contacted and allegedly told the officer she was looking for Frank because he took the dog.

Frank was contacted later and arrested.

Bowling said the city also experienced a rash of vehicle prowls during the same time period, Bowling said. Unlocked vehicles were entered and change was taken.

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