OKANOGAN - The man convicted of attempting to kill Brewster businessman Cass Gebbers has filed a notice of appeal in his case.

Mark Reynolds Worth, 49, Pateros, is seeking an appellate court review of his case.

In a Nov. 15 ruling, Okanogan County Superior Court Judge Henry A. Rawson determined Worth lacks sufficient funds to bring an appeal, so review of his case will be at public expense. An attorney will be provided.

Worth was found guilty Aug. 8 by a jury of attempted first -degree murder and drive-by shooting. He was sentenced Nov. 15 to 300 months - 25 years - in prison on the first count, including a 60-month enhancement because a firearm was involved, and 32 months on the second count, to be served concurrently.

Community custody was ordered after release. He also must pay $600 in fines and fees.

A permanent no-contact order was issued, with Gebbers, 55, as the protected party.

Worth also must register as a felony firearm offender and, because a motor vehicle was used in commission of the second count, his driver’s license will be revoked, according to court documents. His voting right also was revoked.

During his sentencing hearing, Worth told the court he did not shoot at Gebbers. Worth did not testify during the trial, according to court records.

Worth was accused of driving up next to a pickup truck being driven by Gebbers and firing into the truck on Sept. 7, 2016.

Gebbers, who was talking to his son on his cellphone at the time, told the sheriff’s office he was driving on Old Highway 97 north of Brewster when the vehicle pulled up beside him, according to sheriff’s office reports. He looked over and saw the driver roll down his passenger side window and fire a gun at Gebbers’ truck.

Gebbers suffered cuts from broken glass from his driver side window, but was not hit by the bullets. One bullet allegedly went through the window and struck Gebbers’ head rest, just inches from his head, and another lodged in the door pillar, according to the sheriff’s office.

Gebbers turned around and headed back to Brewster to report the shooting. He identified Worth as the shooter.

According to the sheriff’s office, Gebbers told authorities his family had dealt with strange run-is with Worth in the past, but nothing that required law enforcement.

Worth was arrested in Wenatchee and booked into the county jail Sept. 8, 2016. He has been in jail since then.

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