EDITORIAL: Enjoy the holidays with family

The holidays are always a wonderful time to spend time with family and friends.

They offer us the opportunity to remember what’s really important in life: Family and friends.

Far too often we are caught up in the swing of our busy schedules (be it working, taking care of our children or whatever else we have plans for), but we shouldn’t forget that our lives are all about the ones we love. It’s best to enjoy the holidays with our elder relatives while they are still here and youngsters while they are still young.

For many, the next week or so will likely be a complete blur.

Go last minute shopping, wrap the presents, cook the dinner feast, unwrap the presents, make the dash to a relative or friend’s house to say hi, come home, go to bed and then it’s over.

But we shouldn’t forget that our lives are all about the ones we love.

We hope everyone has a safe and joyous Christmas and New Year, and makes the most of their time with family and friends.

As many of us take off to visit family afar, please think about others during your holiday travels.

Take it easy, be prepared for conditions and considerate of others.

As always, if you are planning to enjoy “Christmas cheer” of the alcohol variety — or anything else that may slow your responses — please don’t drive impaired.

Speaking of the police, it is wonderful to see several local law enforcement officers making their way through stores, helping kids with their Christmas shopping during Shop with a Cop programs.

While many people likely patted officers on the back for their time, it really deserves attention. Just a short time can mean a lot in a child’s life. Your service is truly appreciated.

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