EDITORIAL: More political hopefuls endorsed

Initiative 1639

Finding middle ground between public safety and the firearms rights is challenging.

The initiative would raise the age requirement to purchase a semiautomatic assault weapon, the measure adds a 10-day waiting period and requires a background check.

While The Chronicle’s editorial board can mostly agree with those portions, the measure also includes changing the definition of a semiautomatic assault weapon.

Opponents state the changing of the definition would demonize semiautomatic youth rifles and some hunting rifles.

For that reason, we urge a “No” vote.

Initiative 1631

Scientific figures show climate change is happening. Most of us at The Chronicle won’t dispute that. But raising the cost of living to help reduce greenhouse - while major polluters are exempt - just doesn’t make sense.

A yes vote would impose a $15 per-ton of carbon fee on large emitters (I.e. oil and gas companies). It will automatically increase by $2 each year-with no cap; a public oversight board would supervise spending and report to the governor and legislature. The state office of Financial Management estimates it would generate $2 billion in the first five years. Wow. That’s a lot of money coming from us filling up our cars at the gas station or using natural gas to heat our homes. For those reasons, we encourage a “No” vote.

Initiative 940

Law enforcement officers need to be held accountable for their actions. But Initiative 940 just isn’t the right solution. The legislature previously decided officers should not be prosecuted for killing a suspect in the line of duty if the officer acted in good faith without “evil intent.”

Officers should be held accountable, but Initiative 940 essentially replaces the current law with a similar vague outline: Prosecutors would use a “subjective good faith test” to see if the death was justified.

It seems this measure is comparable to swapping apples for apples. For that reason, we encourage a “No” vote.

Ferry County Commissioner Position No. 2

Incumbent Nathan Davis is being challenged by Dixie Moore for the Ferry County Commissioner Position No. 2 seat.

Both are Republicans and born and raised in Ferry County.

Davis has demonstrated strong leadership while in office. Moore also brings a fresh set of ideals to the county.

As such, we’ve opted not to endorse a candidate in this race.

12th Legislative District

Ann Diamond and Keith Goehner are seeking a bid for the state Rep. Position 1 seat.

Diamond, who states no political preference, has extensive ties in the Methow Valley and considers housing and healthcare some of her top priorities.

Goehner, a Republican from Dryden, is more focused on maintaining a successful business environment to strengthen our communities.

We are eager to see how Diamond can represent our district.

We endorse Ann Diamond.

In the state Rep. Position No. 2 race, Republican incumbent Mike Steele of Chelan is being challenged by Democrat Valerie Sarratt of Twisp.

Steele has well represented our district since being sworn into office last year. He is responsive and recognizes the problems and struggles of our district.

As such, we endorse Mike Steele.

U.S. Senate

This race between incumbent Maria Cantwell, D-Edmonds, and challenger Susan Hutchinson, R-Seattle, is the typical match-up of partisan politics.

In recent years Cantwell has stepped up to the plate and has fought hard for additional resources for suppressing wildfires (which are known to our region). But at what point is it time for a change?

We believe Hutchinson will better reflect the morals and values of rural North-Central Washington.

Therefore, we endorse Hutchinson.

(Editor’s note: Endorsements on other candidates was published in last week’s edition of The Chronicle.)

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