TONASKET — Once more, the Tonasket Food Bank may have to find a new home.

Our board of directors are faced with a choice of finding another location or purchasing the building currently used.

The current location has fulfilled the needs of the volunteer organization better than any previous location.

Other possible locations in Tonasket are limited and most rent and purchase costs are beyond the food bank’s affordability.

The generous support of the community has kept the Tonasket Food Bank and its services available for the last four decades.

A few facts you should know:

Volunteers working at the food bank this last year were credited with 3,263 hours and a total of 7,392 travel miles.

A total of 18,575 pounds of supplies were donated by local grocery stores, farmers, food drives and individuals. This donated food represents only 15 percent of the food distributed by the Food Bank. The other 85 percent comes from county, state and federal sources.

The Food Bank received $17,376 in cash donations from local businesses, individuals, organizations and churches. Using in-kind values furnished by the state for labor, donated food and travel, the community donations including cash totaled $84,650 for 2013.

The Tonasket Food Bank serves 140-180 households each week, which means that in 2013 the Food Bank helped about 21,000 individuals. Of those, 34 percent were children, 27 percent were senior citizens and 39 percent were disabled and low income adults.

The current Food Bank site provides ample parking, a walk-in cooler and freezer, dry storage space and room to serve clients. The building’s owners have offered to sell to the Food Bank for a very generous price. The board is looking into possible grants and financing options.

They are also sponsoring a fundraising dinner from 6-8 p.m . May 10 at the Community Cultural Center. They are also asking for community support in this fundraising effort.

If you would like to help, please contact Debbie Roberts at 509-486-2192 or Diana Weddle at 509-486-1219.

Donations (marked Purchase Project) for the Food Bank Purchase Project fund can also be brought to Tonasket Food Bank, 59 Longanecker Road.

Diana Weddle is a volunteer with the Tonasket Food Bank.

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