Letters to the Editor: Dec. 19, 2018

The remonstrance against the Confederate battle flag expressed as a letter to the editor, published in the Dec. 5 edition, was just like the one that I expected to see when I first saw the picture in the earlier article about the U.S. Veteran’s Legacy Project. The letter is just another repeat of the same old boilerplate false theology put out for public consumption by the false religion that is called “political correctness.”

That religion, now the established religion of corporate America and American government at all levels, is not about truth or love or happiness in this world or the next. It is a false religion centered on a lust for retribution by some classifications of people against other classifications of people. Its theology is lies. Its vocabulary is corrupt. Its gods are false.

The inner circle of that vicious cult knows fully well what the Confederate battle flag really stood for. It stood for armed resistance against armed invasion by tyrannical big government. The political flag stood for America’s founding principles. That is the real reason why leftist fascists hate the Confederacy and hate its flags. The battle flag had nothing to do with racism, oppression, or hatred. Those things are what political correctness is all about

Mark Hold, Renton

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