Letters to the Editor: Oct. 24, 2018

Whoa here.

I’d appreciate knowing, in this political season, just who selects the letters to editer for publication.

The Chronicle’s Oct. 17 edition printed four letters in support of Christine Brown, Democrat, in the 4th Congressional District, zero in support of Dan Newhouse, Republican, and this in a county carried by Donald Trump by 20 points in 2016.

And what is most curious, is that all four Brown support letters were submitted by residents of Richland. These writers, who no doubt are quite familiar with the issues in a district hundreds of miles to their north, I am supposing papered (or emailed) every newspaper in the state with their gratuitous wisdom.

So tell us please, the name, position and political preference of your letter-selector responsible for these clearly biased choices.

Will Baker, Okanogan

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Managing Editor Brock Hires compiles the weekly letters to the editor. The Constitutional First Amendment grants the public freedom of the press, regardless of political affiliation. As long as the letters are applicable to our local districts, are written by an actual person and are sent specifically to The Chronicle for publication, they will be considered for publication. The Chronicle encourages readers to submit letters of support for candidates of their choosing.)

Our choice for Okanogan County Auditor is Cari Hall. Her knowledge and experience in governmental accounting is exactly why she is the best person for this elected position. Since she currently works in the Auditor’s Office as the finance manager, she communicates with the public and a number of other county offices on a daily basis with the highest level of customer service and expertise possible. Whether it is advising the commissioners on finance, answering department’s questions, or helping the public, Cari always presents herself in a professional manner that is respectful. Even though she has an extensive background in accounting, Cari will listen to new ideas if she believes it will benefit the county. She goes above and beyond to help in the office in case of staff shortages in licensing, recording, and elections to ensure the office is meeting its deadlines. Please join us and cast your vote for Cari Hall, Okanogan County auditor.

Leah McCormack, Okanogan County Treasurer; Dee Wood, Chief Deputy Assessor

My name is Todd Hill. I have been a police officer or administrator for quite a few years. I have lived in Okanogan County for over 40 years and graduated from Okanogan High School, which is where I first met Tony Hawley. Despite being in different graduating classes, I admired his character and leadership even then.

Tony’s passion for serving the public is evident in every action he takes. He seeks to improve himself at every opportunity and works with his team to improve their abilities. Tony’s confidence in his own ability and that of his team can be seen at every incident he responds to. It is this confidence that often de-escalates a situation or sooths a victim in crisis. This confidence and ability also make Tony one of the most highly respected law enforcement officers in our county.

Tony is the kind of person I want to see in a key leadership role. He exemplifies strength and effectiveness and does so with a strong sense of integrity. If Tony is wrong, he owns it and makes it right. Tony can make the difficult decisions, empower and inspire others even in the most difficult of situations. This is evident in the way he trains and runs the North Central Washington Special Response Team (SRT). Tony trains the team hard and holds each member accountable for their efforts and actions, ensuring that each member is as prepared as they possibly can be to respond to any crisis that confronts them.

He is a great communicator whose goals and expectations are always clear. Tony doesn’t hesitate to make sure expectations are understood.

This is evident not only in the way he deals with his fellow team members but also in his interactions with the public on a daily basis.

Whether he’s giving direction to an offender, providing guidance to a resident or empathy to a victim; Tony is completely invested in the situation and communicating toward a positive outcome.

In conclusion I fully support and endorse Tony as Okanogan County Sheriff. Tony’s vision for the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office and public safety are clear and he will hold his employees and deputies accountable, expecting their absolute best, regardless of the circumstances. Vote Tony Hawley for Sheriff, Okanogan County.

Todd Hill, Oroville

Diamond is best choice in 12th District

Ann Diamond is running as an independent for the diverse and large Washington legislative District 12, Position 1. As an independent, she will not be affiliated with a party platform and is more able to represent the varied interests of our district. She can more readily promote legislation that best represents the people of the district, both Republican, Democrat and the rest. Her medical expertise in problem-solving workable solutions will benefit us as individuals, communities, and our economy.

Ann has met individuals, community groups, business and agriculture interests, and government since she decided to run in January. She has canvassed from the Canadian border to the district’s southern edge of the Grand Coulee area, greater Wenatchee and Leavenworth. She has been on the road more than she has been at home for the last 9 months. She has listened to us, and she knows what will benefit our area. Most importantly, she knows what matters to us.

Ann’s platform includes state improvements to affordable health care, because it is unjust that medical costs can bankrupt families.

She believes the state can deliver more opportunities for skilled workers and a livable wage. She will work to ensure the state legislature conducts business on time and with transparency. She will work to rekindle compromise in the state legislature — a common sense solution that represents the widest interests for us all.

Please vote for Ann Diamond and a new approach to government that benefits us all.

Stephanie Brands, Winthrop

Did you know that in the 2016 presidential election, more than 108 million eligible voters didn’t vote?

Were you aware that nationally, the voter turnout was less than 40 percent in the 2014 midterm elections and 21.4 percent of eligible voters were not registered? That’s greater than 46 million people.

And here is another sobering statistic — according to a Pew Charitable Trusts Foundation 2016 survey, around 60 percent of both unregistered and registered voters said they had never been asked to register to vote. The study also showed that eligible voters don’t register for two main reasons — they don’t like politics, but more importantly, they don’t believe their vote matters.

I am writing to point out that your vote DOES matter.

Here in the Okanogan County 2016 elections, 17,862 out of 22,456 eligible voters cast their ballots. That is almost 80 percent. And guess what, two new county commissioners were elected. Voting does matter. Your vote can be part of creating a significant change in your community.

Ballots are mailed by Oct 19. If you are registered, you should have your ballot by October 25. Online registration ended October 8, but you can still register in person at your county elections office till October 29. These offices are listed in the back of your voter’s pamphlet.

Remember, you don’t have to place a stamp on your ballot if you drop it in the mail. If you are sending it by mail especially in the last few days and up to November 6 election day, make sure you hand it to the counter person and have it postmarked for that day! If you are unsure where your ballot drop box is in your community, the location will be listed in your ballot envelope, or call 1-800-448-4881.

Your vote is one of the most important ways you can effect change in your community. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Rick Rottman, Winthrop

Okanogan County needs a new District 3 commissioner.

Jim DeTro has been an Okanogan County commissioner for eight years and is running for another four years. This is why you should not vote for him.

In 2016 after two of his compatriot county commissioners were defeated, he said that he would not run again. But, then he changed his mind because no other Republican registered.

Although DeTro is the commissioners’ chairman, he is seldom involved except in his perfunctory role of calling for a vote or declaring a motion approved.

His personal interest comments about wolves are inflammatory and divisive. His website is questionable at best. He is willing to create a confrontation but not provide a solution during commissioners’ meetings. Earlier this year, his third district had water and sewer rights’ discussions, but he did not respond or contribute to these interests.

In 2016, Jim and his ATV friends rode from his third district to Winthrop, in violation of county, federal agency, and Winthrop ordinances. His ride was despite judicial rulings that mandated the country do a more thorough review than Jim wants to ride his ATV anywhere.

His comment in Winthrop was the equivalent of — well, we contributed money to the Winthrop economy eating lunch there, so you should ignore the fact that we broke the law.

Do you want an elected official who disregards the law? Is this a person who you want representing us in county government? My answer is no. Commissioner candidate Salley Bull is an experienced community advocate, responsive, and inclusive. She is the best choice for our vote.

Sharon Sumpter, Winthrop

I would like to express my support for the next sheriff of Okanogan County. This is a very important position requiring someone who can represent both the sheriff’s office and the county in a positive and professional manner day to day and during major events. In addition they must provide management, leadership, direction and be well rounded.

Humble enough to reach out and ask for assistance and strong enough to make a hard decision under stressful or critical times.The candidate who fills this role the best is Tony Hawley without question.

Working with Tony Hawley for 20 plus years, I have witnessed his leadership, professionalism, work ethic, compassion for others and ability to make decisions under stressful incidents. Tony meets challenges with a “can do” attitude, works well with all agencies and partners to achieve success. Tony is honest, trusting, has high personal and professional ethics and moral values. Looking at Tony Hawley’s achievements and professional development he has shown a strong dedication to continued learning and self improvement. These are the attributes required in a candidate to lead the Sheriff Department into the future.

Please join me in supporting Tony Hawley for sheriff of Okanogan County.

Vote for Tony Hawley in November, he is the best person for the job.

Wayne Walker, Omak

Ladies and gentlemen of Okanogan County: For the first time since 2002, this election cycle provides you with an opportunity to choose your next county prosecutor. The decision you make should not be taken lightly.

Based on history over nearly the past two decades, the man you choose for county prosecutor could be a decision that affects you for the next decade or more.

The Okanogan County Prosecutor’s Office is in need of drastic reform.

When the current prosecutor was appointed by the county commissioners, it was his chance to make changes. Instead, he chose to continue on with the practices of his predecessor.The practice of destroying families through excessive bail, overcharging people and settling cases by use of the plea bargain is draconian. You can no longer afford to sit on the sideline as these practices take place.

It is only a matter of time where you, a loved one or a friend will get snagged in the web of the Okanogan County criminal justice system. Isn’t it time to give truth and justice a chance? Isn’t it time to give change a chance?

James Miller, Omak

Two years ago voters ousted two of the three Okanogan County commissioners due to their extremist positions and their seeming catering to private interests. This cost the taxpayers money to fight the lawsuits brought against the county.

Commissioner Jim DeTro had a part in this. I would like to see him replaced by Salley Bull, an independent conservative who is intelligent, reasonable and doesn’t have an agenda.

Rob Thompson, Tonasket

I wanted to take this opportunity to let people know of the great character and integrity that Tony Hawley possesses. Having been in law enforcement over 26 years, most of it in Okanogan County, I could not have asked for anyone better to represent all of us as our Sheriff. Tony is a true Sheriff, he has never worked for a department only an office. Tony holds three degrees, a master’s, bachelor’s and associate.

Tony is a combat veteran, a Marine, who was deployed to Somalia. I worked with Tony during my 10 years at the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office. I continue to work with Tony. Tony and I have been through some serious challenges together. There is no sheriff’s candidate with better credentials to run for office. He has integrity when no one is watching. He has integrity in every aspect of his life both personal and professional.

Tony is a leader and has worked from the ground up and fully understands what it means to be a sheriff and to deputize his staff. Tony has been there and done that. Honest, Truthful, humble, empathetic, and genuine!

Tony Hawley, you have my full support and I ask everyone to vote for Tony and elect him as our sheriff of Okanogan County.

Dan Christensen, Tonasket

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