POINT OF THEW: Every life should matter, it’s time to get over it!

I have to give liberals credit for helping me change my deep-set misunderstanding of Russians.

As a child of the 80s and the end of the Cold War, I was easily persuaded to despise the Soviet Union. If it wasn’t Rambo, Rocky or Red Dawn pointing out bad Ruskies, the news sure did. The truly were a red threat and it sunk in.

So, when the 90s came around and Russians started making their way into America, I took it in with continued resistance. Several families from the former Soviet Union joined the church I attended while in high school and I was able to meet them and find out they weren’t that much different.

But, still, I had a guarded feeling around them. Those were the bad guys just a few years before that.

When I went to college, I met even more Russians, some people from the Ukraine and other people from former Soviet states. I counted them as good friends, but every once in a while, I would have some of that ol’ time anti-Soviet sentiment come through.

But now with a recent spike of liberal bashing of Russians, I’m finding that I actually feel bad for them that they are being treated so badly.

You’ve converted me Obama (or whoever is pushing that agenda). Sorry, but I’m guessing your playbook for civil disobedience wasn’t expecting that.

I just don’t buy into the bull that we’re being told about the recent event involving President Trump giving information to Russia about the Islamic State.

Forget that Russia truly hates Islamic State and most Americans also do. The exception: Trump haters love everyone who hates Trump and hate everyone who doesn’t hate him, so they likely support the Islamic State). But forget what Trump said. It was legal. He’s the president. He is allowed to tell anyone anything, because he’s the president. Other people in the intelligence community? Not so much.

After President Trump talked with Russian officials in the Oval Office last week, The Washington Post was quick to say that Trump gave up the goods and “former and current” officials told them targets ISIS was considering. Then, soon after, the New York Times received information on the source of the information that was given. A few hours earlier, liberals were hot to say that Trump risked lives by revealing information. Now, two major newspapers was revealing information that was illegally obtained and acting as though it was a coup when they released the information that was so inflammatory in the first place. And liberals were OK with that…and were blaming President Trump.

If they didn’t think that Hillary needed to be in prison for rigging the Democratic primary, why would they think government officials leaking information should be?

Those officials should be found and thrown in prison. Even Obama’s CIA chief John Brennan agrees with that.

The Washington Post, once considered a real newspaper before being purchased by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, calls Russia an “adversary” in just about every story. Oddly enough, they don’t describe Islamic State as an “adversary” or enemy for that matter.

Liberals would like you to believe that Russians (and anyone else who can sit and talk with President Trump) are evil incarnate hellbent on sending the world into oblivion.

Sorry, like most people who don’t trust national media, I’m going to hold off on hating anyone – except for ISIS and other extremist groups, at home and abroad.

Chris Thew is the managing editor of The Chronicle. He can be reached at 509-826-1110 or via e-mail at cthew@omakchronicle.com.

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