State high school football playoffs will follow the footsteps of state basketball playoffs with a Football Seeding Process (FSP) starting this fall.

Members of the Football Seeding Committee are meeting at the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) office in Renton at 9 a.m. today, Sunday, to figure out who shall be seeded where in state brackets.

This will be done for all levels of the state from 2B through 4A with 16-team brackets.

A committee will meet Nov. 11 to determine the 1B eight-team bracket.

WIAA said committee members have been evaluating teams throughout the season, collecting data and input on how to seed teams.

The football committees, one for each of school size classification, will seed the qualified teams, taking into consideration regular season performance, the state said.

The committees will attempt to avoid league opponents in the first round when possible, and travel implications.

Each football bracket committee member will provide comments on each of the qualified teams in his/her assigned classification before that committee reaches consensus on the finalized bracket, WIAA said.

The state plans to post the bracket later Sunday.

“Since this is the first time for this process, it is difficult to determine the amount of time it will take,” said the WIAA email “The brackets will be posted on the Tournament Central page on the WIAA website and announced via WIAA social media channels as early as possible on Sunday.”

School athletic directors and head football coaches of qualified teams will be notified Sunday, too.

From there the home WIAA district of each team on the bottom of each game in a bracket will be the host in the first round.

Once the brackets are posted, WIAA district directors will work with the participating schools to determine the site, day and time for each game.

WIAA anticipates all details will be finalized by noon on Monday.

Game times, dates and sites will be updated on the WIAA website as provided to the WIAA staff for posting.

The seeding committees recommended, and the WIAA Executive Board approved, that a mandatory video exchange program would be implemented.

You may have noticed those tall booms with a video camera on top at games this season. Those are the game films that are considered for exchanges.

The most popular exchange is HUDL. The state was going to find a way for non-HUDL users to get access to video.

“Knowing that some member schools use different game film platforms than others, the association is working to compile a list of resources for sharing cross-platform for the most commonly used softwares,” WIAA said.

Finally, WIAA decided a Spalding brand of football will be used during all postseason games.

Al Camp is the sports editor at The Chronicle. Email him at

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