TONASKET — Scott Kuntz Jr smashed away at the annual Tonasket Demolition Derby this past Saturday, Oct. 9.

Eight cars may have entered, but Kuntz and his all-black, No. 55, stole the show by winning each of the first three heats on the day.

Kuntz went on to win the Superior Auto Parts trophy as the overall winner.

The derby, hosted by the Tonasket Comancheros Rodeo Club, took place Saturday afternoon under natural light afforded by a clear day at the Tonasket Rodeo Grounds.

Other trophies were sponsored by The Junction, George Frank, Tim’s Saw Shop, Montanye Ranch, Iron Bar and Grill, Webber’s Dirt Works, Jim’s Repair, OK Chevrolet and NAPA Allen’s Auto Parts.

This year’s derby had eight cars smashing each other across three preliminary heats, one main heat, a powder puff round and finished out with a mechanics’ heat.

Results (car number in parentheses):

Heat 1 — 1, (55) Scott Kuntz Jr. 2, (727) Daryl Ortuno. 3, (88) James Gasho. 4, (32) Johnny Swartsel.

Heat 2 — 1, (55) Scott Kuntz Jr. 2, (32) Johnny Swartsel. 3, (727) Daryl Ortuno. 4, (77) Noah Olmstead.

Heat 3 — 1, (55) Scott Kuntz Jr. 2, (88) James Gasho. 3, (727) Daryl Ortuno. 4, (77) Noah Olmstead.

Main — 1, (88) James Gasho. 2, (55) Scott Kuntz Jr. 3, (81) Jourden Lopez. 4, (01) David Brown.

Powder Puff — 1, (88) Kayla Freel and Ashley Utt.

Mechanics — 1, (88) unnamed.

Overall Winner — Scott Kuntz Jr.

Best Appearance — (88) James Gasho.

Farthest traveled — (00) Levi Salisbury, Liberty Lake.

Most wrecked — (01) David Brown.

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