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Timm takes second in girls’ race at Manson

MANSON – Juan David Martinez, Brewster, covered the 5K high school boys’ course in 18:13.06 to place first at the Manson Invitational cross country meet Sept. 11 at Wapato Point.

Tonasket’s Carter Timm was about two seconds back, at 18:15.18, to place second overall.

Cashmere took the team title with 26 points, while Brewster was second at 39. Tonasket placed third with 68, while Okanogan was fourth at 102.

On the girls’ side, Tristan Hoffman of Cashmere was first at 23:17.37. Marissa Timm, Tonasket, placed second at 23:57.27.

There were no complete teams in the girls’ race.

Liberty Bell’s Ingrid Venable covered the 2.5K middle school course in 11:14.67 to win the girls’ race.

Liberty Bell had the only complete girls’ team, so won the team title with a perfect 15 points. Seven of the top eight girls’ finishers were Mountain Lions, with only Brewster’s Julissa Najera cracking into the top eight with a second-place finish.

Boden Thomson, Liberty Bell, won the middle school boys’ race, but Okanogan took the team title with 30 points.

Manson Invitational

Boys’ varsity/JV (5K) – 1, Juan David Martinez, Brewster, 18:13.06. 2, Carter Timm, Tonasket, 18.15.18. 7, Gerardo Rodriguez, Brewster, 19:52.21. 9, Cayden Milton-Behler, Brewster, 19:56.01. 10, Caleb Infante, Brewster, 19:59.36. 12, Angel Rendon, Brewster, 20:53.83. 13, John Richards, Okanogan, 21:23.88. 14, Mica Gleason, Tonasket, 21:25.43. 15, Noah Hunt, Lake Roosevelt, 21:31.23.

16, Jesse Ash, Tonasket, 21:38.98. 18, Alexis Cortez, Brewster, 21:42.96. 20, Micaiah Schell, Tonasket, 22:09.04. 22, Brandon Pino, Lake Roosevelt, 22:30.88. 24, Sebastion Orozco, Bridgeport, 22:33.66. 25, Logan Sutton, Tonasket, 22:36.79. 26, Dallin Evans, Okanogan, 22:44.93. 27, Justice Serrano, Brewster, 22:45.20. 28, Calum Westin, Okanogan, 23:11.21. 29, Aldo Villa, Bridgeport, 23:36.81.

30, Simon Beery, Okanogan, 23:37.19. 32, Caleb Craddock, Okanogan, 24.07.98. 33, Alexander Saucedo, Brewster, 24.16.46. 39, Oscar Churape, Brewster, 26.10.30. 40, David Huffstetler, Okanogan, 26.14.75. 43, Dartanyain Cline, Okanogan, 26:42.53.44, Reese Hansen, Lake Roosevelt, 29:04.53. 45, Zane Chaffee, Lake Roosevelt, 35:58.87.

Girls’ varsity/JV (5K) – 2, Marrissa Timm, Tonasket, 23:57.27. 4, Megan Heinlen, Tonasket, 27:02.88. 5, Kailah Leadingham, Lake Roosevelt, 29:00.86. 6, Kara Pulsifer, Brewster, 29:42.64. 8, Jessica Heinlen, 31:14.04. 9, Marteena Oflynn-Fulfer, Lake Roosevelt, 31:36.24.

Valley Christian Jamboree

SPOKANE – Sarah McGaffey, Republic, placed first in the varsity girls’ race at the Sept. 9 Valley Christian Jamboree in Spokane.

McGaffey covered the 3.35K course in 15:07.07. Teammate Melanie Bineau placed second at 15:50.0.

On the boys’ side, Nicholas Baker, Republic, covered the course in 11:46.83 to place second. He was less than a half-second off the winning pace, an 11:46.36 time turned in by Davenport’s Jaeger Jacobsen.

Girls’ varsity (3.35K) – 1, Sarah McGaffey, Republic, 15:07.07. 2, Melanie Bineau, Republic, 15:50.0. 9, Melissa Bineau, Republic, 17:21.34. 6, Courtney Starr, Republic, 17:27.97. 13, Clarissa Stensgar, Inchelium, 19:47.16. 15, Isabelle Bineau, Republic, 21:50.44.

Boys’ varsity (3.35K) – 2, Nicholas Baker, Republic, 11:46.83. 6, Isaac Hoskie, Inchelium, 12:58.88. 8, Korbin Forsman, Republic, 13:11.72. 35, Kyle Schreier, Republic, 17:40.58. 37, Connor McElheran, Republic, 18:11.74.

Middle school girls (1.65K) – 2, Anika Baker, Republic, 7:34.16.

Middle school boys (1.65K) – 9, Ashton Gliddon, Republic, 8:32.88.

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