Club Tavern holds slim league lead

OKANOGAN – The Club Tavern Sports Bar heads into the final two days of coed softball play as the valley’s league leader.

An end-of-season tournament is planned with the Club, Heatstroke, Hey NDN, D&R Glass and Boo Yaa from the league taking on Oroville, Sumas, Spokane Valley and Ferndale Aug. 24-25 at The Plex, reports league manager Shirley Bowden.

Heading into league play Monday and Tuesday, the Club stands at 16-3, just ahead of Heatstroke Printing at 15-5.

The two teams were to play a single game Tuesday, Aug. 20, on the final night of play.

The Club also was to play Boo Yaa (sixth, 6-10) the same night.

The Club solidified its place atop the standings with wins of 19-0 over Farmers and 16-0 over D&R Glass on Aug. 1.

Despite the loss, D&R has moved into fourth place with upset wins of 11-9 over Heatstroke, 20-11 over Club Tavern and 26-25 over Hey NDN.

Not everything has gone D&R Glass’ way. The team lost 9-4 to Boo Yaa and 12-6 to Farmers.

Hurting Heatstroke’s effort to overtake the Club were losses of 12-11 and 10-9 to Hey NDN.

Mid-Valley Hospital picked up its first win of the season, 8-3 over Emergency Restoration Services on Aug. 13.

ERS had edged the hospital 10-8 on July 30.

Okanogan Valley Coed Softball League standings

(As of Aug. 15)

Team W L

Club Sports Bar 16 3

Heatstroke 15 5

Hey NDN 13 7

D&R Glass 11 8

Farmers 7 10

Boo Yaa 6 10

ERS 5 11

Mid-Valley Hospital 1 18

Scores for the last couple of weeks:

Hey NDN 12, Heatstroke 11

Hey NDN 11 Framers 8

D&R Glass 14, Farmers 8

Heatstroke 14, ERS 3

ERS 10, MVH 8

Hey NDN 16, MVH 2

Club 12, Hey NDN 2

Club 17, ERS 7

Heatstroke 6, MVH 9

Heatstroke 10, Framers 0

Boo Yaa 9, D&R 4

D&R 20, Club 11

Club 11, Farmers 3

D&R 11, Heatstroke 9

D&R 26, Hey NDN 25

Hey NDN 11, Boo Yaa 10

Heatstroke 16, Boo Yaa 15

Heatstroke 17, Club 12

Club 25, Boo Yaa 5

Farmers 12, D&R 6

Farmers 26, Hey NDN 22

Hey NDN 10, Club 9

Hey NDN 30, ERS 8

MVH 8, ERS 3

Club 23, MVH 9

Heatstroke 17, MVH 4

Boo Yaa 15, MVH 14

Boo Yaa 7, D&R 0

Heatstroke 19, Farmers 5

Club 19, Farmers 0

Club 16, D&R 6

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