Tonasket girls' cross country team

Tonasket girls starting a race at the Tigers’ jamboree earlier this year included (from left) Katy Thornton, Madi Koplin, Chloe Combs, Sage Young, Katie Keane and Athena Rietveld. Also pictured is Oroville’s Madelyn Martin.

Brewster boys are fifth at Wenatchee Invite

WENATCHEE – Omak, Tonasket, Brewster, Liberty Bell, Lake Roosevelt and Bridgeport competed in their first big cross country meet of the season at the 16-team Wenatchee Invitational on Sept. 21 at Walla Walla Point Park.

Brewster finished fifth as a team in the boys’ varsity 5K race, followed by Omak in eighth, Liberty Bell in ninth, Tonasket in 13th and Bridgeport in 14th.

Top area finisher was Omak’s Steven Zandell, who finished eighth overall in 17:10.11.

Brewster (134) - 15, Ricky Garcia, 17:25. 20, Oscar Guzman, 17:46. 28, Juan David Martinez, 18:04.17. 30, Ubaldo Arellano, 18:05. 44, Lemuel Infante, 18:45. 55, Enrique Campos, 19:12. 81, Orlando Medina, 20:17.

Omak (217) - 8, Steven Zandell, 17:10.11. 37, Evan Porter, 18:33. 56, Mason Holborn, 19:20.04. 58, Joshua Lester, 19:20.85. 67, Trece Hendrickson, 19:37. 71, Tyler Sam, 19:52. 75, Wylie Gray, 19:56;

Liberty Bell (227) - 22, Ian DeLong, 17:53. 36, Graham Sheley, 18:28. 49, Carter Sheley, 18:54.98. 65, Isaiah Stoothoff, 19:36.17. 66, Travis Grialou, 19:36.96. 76, Oliver Orkand, 20:05.18. 88, Tristan Schmekel, 20:53.

Tonasket (353) - 62, Carter Timm, 19:24. 68, Waylon Thomas, 19:44. 70, Curtis Willson, 19:49. 86, Alejandro Maldonado, 20:33. 92, Logan Sutton, 21:21. 93, Micaiah Schell, 22:17. 103, Esteban Flores, 24:40.

Bridgeport (454) - 99, Christian Lopez, 24:03. 100, Alan Andrade, 24:09. 101, Gage Fletcher, 24:23. 104, Luis Leon, 25:29. 106, Antonio Andrade, 28:19.

In the boys’ junior varsity 5K, Brewster finished seventh as a team, led by freshman Andres Garcia in 28th (20:37).

Omak was ninth, led by freshman Reyden Sandoval in 43rd (21:18).

Liberty Bell’s Will Halpin won the boys’ eighth grade, 1.55-mile race in 8:47.00.

Right behind was Chase Marchand of Lake Roosevelt in second at 8:50.00.

Other team leaders included Omak’s Blake Sam in seventh (9:47.00), Bridgeport’s Brandon Garcia in 12th (10:13.00) and Brewster’s Caleb Infante in 16th (10:27).

Liberty Bell won the boys’ team title with a perfect score of 15 points in the seventh grade race.

Other team leaders included Cayden Milton of Brewster in seventh (10:36.00), Bridgeport’s Diego Salazar (10:52.04), Lake Roosevelt’s Noah Hunt in 20th (11:20.00) and Omak’s Bryson Buchanan in 31st (13:13.00).

Girls’ varsity

In girls' varsity, Liberty Bell finished fourth as a team, led by Gretta Scholz in third (20:28).

Others for the Mountain Lions (72 points) included 8, Jori Grialou, 20:53; 19, Liv Aspholm, 21:30; 22, Keeley Brooks, 21;51; 24, Stella Scholz, 21:55.23; 51 and Lena Nelson, 24:29.

Tonasket finished 10th (280) with 52, Madison Koplin, 24:30; 54, Sage Young, 24:43; 67, Chloe Combs, 27:53; Katie Keane, 31:07; 72, Katy Thornton, 34:55.

Others included Omak’s Katie Walker (44, 23:55), Kassidy Carlton (47, 24:07) and Shaylee Tonasket (70, 32:06), and Bridgeport’s Miriam Jimenez (46, 23:59) and Catalina Martinez (49, 24:17.85)

Liberty Bell’s Lydia Whitlock was 29th in the girls’ 5K junior varsity race (28:37).

In the eighth grade girls’, 1.55-mile race, Liberty Bell’s Leki Albright was fourth (10.03) and Dashe McCabe was fifth (10:04).

Other team leaders included Brewster’s Kadence Carrington (10:14) and Omak’s Kylee Wyatt (14:27).

Top area finishers in the seventh-grade run were Liberty Bell’s Marta Schkrohowsky in second at 11:22.

Omak’s Christine Zandell was sixth in 11:51.00 and Brewster’s Fatema Silva was 19th in 13:53.20.

Omak competes at the Mountain West Classic on Sept. 28 at the University of Montana Golf Course.

LaDoux finishes 27th

CHENEY – Lexi LaDoux of Okanogan finished 27th at the third annual “Battle of the 509” Invitational the evening of Sept. 21 at Fairways Golf Course.

LaDoux finished the 5K race, which drew 45 teams and was part of the Nike XC Series, in 20:14.18.

Also for the Bulldogs, Olivia Richards was 58th (21:36.59) in the varsity race and Caitlyn Barton was 146th (43:42.52) in the junior varsity run.

On the boys’ side were Okanogan’s Will Clark (121, 18:20.04), James Hamilton (124, 18:21.98) and Corbin Peterson (182, 20:46.47).

In junior varsity, Dallin Evens finished 242nd in 23:19.05.

The combined Curlew/Republic boys’ team in the junior varsity race included Korbin Forsman in 21st (18:20.10) and Jordan Starr (79, 19:31.80).

In the freshmen race, Republic/Curlew's Nicholas Baker was 29th (19:46.70), Kenneth Dulaney (94, 24;04.08) and Connor McElheran (121, 26:58.20).

In the girls' junior varsity race, Republic/Curlew finished ninth as a team (245) with Courtney Starr (53, 25:07.21), Emma Reiss (59, 25:37.17), Mea Jess (72, 26:33.21), 114, Emily McElheran (114, 29:56.69), Kayla Tonasket (122, 30:46.72) and Megan Thomas (123, 30:52.31).

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