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TONASKET – Matt Deebach had high score from 16 yards among Tonasket and Oroville shooters in week six of the Spokesman-Rview Inland Northwest Telegraph Trapshoot.

The Feb 7 event at the Tonasket Gun Club offered cloudy weather with a good turnout.

“Shooters are enjoying the warmer weather for shooting,” said Linda Schwilke, Oroville Gun Club secretary.

16-yard — Matt Deebach, 25; Andy Gasho, Don Fisher, Doug McMillan, 24; Noah Olmstead, 23; Logan Payne, Blake Rise, 22; Robert McDaniel, Lyle Sattler, Aaron Baldwin, Rick Lind, Jordan Montanye, Lloyd Caton Jr., Ryan Anderson, 21; Dane Stalder, Deven Sprague, Jeff McMillan, Tom Deebach, 20; Jerry Asmussen, Randy Cline, Randy Bresztyenszky, 19; Paul Schwilke, Josh McDaniel, 18; Vern Cole, 17; Ken Chapman, 15; Chuck Gavin, 13; Jessi Hatch, 10; Krissy Call, 9.

Handicap — Josh McDaniel, 24; Jerry Asmussen, Rick Lind, 22; Noah Olmstead, Lyle Sattler, 21; Aaron Baldwin, Jordan Montanye, Lloyd Caton Jr., 20; Doug McMillan, Ryan Anderson, 19; Deven Sprague, 18; Don Fisher, 17; Randy Cline, 16; Dane Stalder, 13; Tom Deebach, 11.

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