WENATCHEE – The Farmers Insurance senior softball team won the third division and Winthrop Ace Hardware the second division in the end-of-season tournament July 17-18 in Wenatchee.

Farmers started with a 17-7 win over Mr. Bees from Wenatchee. Leading hitters for Farmers were Chris Harlow, 3-3; Mark Peter, 3-3 with two doubles and a triple; Darrell Stanley, 2-3 with a double; Ron Wilson, 2-3 with a double; Paul Palumb, 2-3 with a triple and a double, and Mike Tews, 2-2.

The second game was an 11-5 win over Old Sox, Wenatchee. Leading hitters were Dale Linklater, 3-3; Darrell Stanley, 3-3; Mark Peter, 2-3 with a double; Ron Wilson, 2-3 with a double; Mike Tews, 2-3, and Gary Lewis, 2-2.

Sunday morning found Farmers meeting Old Sox again for the championship. Farmers won , 24-11.

Leading hitters were Dale Linklater, 4-4; Jim Comin, 4-4 with a double; Les Hair, 3-4; Chris Harlow, 3-4 with a triple; Ron Wilson, 3-4 with a double; Gary Lewis, 3-4 with a triple and a double; Darrell Stanley, 2-3, and Mike Knowlton, 2-2.

Others playing for Farmers were Terry Pelton, Dave Reid and Craig Macadangdang.

The Winthrop Ace Hardware team won the second division, beating Wenatchee A’s in the championship game, 21-11.

Four players from Farmers played with Winthrop to help them win the division.

Farmers players were Mark Peter, Paul Palumbo, Mike Tews and Gary Lewis.

On Saturday, Winthrop beat Mack’s Lure from Wenatchee, then beat Midland Trucking, 18-17.

Winthrop Ace Hardware topped Mack’s Lure again Sunday to set up the championship game with Wenatchee A’s.

Edwin Marchand hit two out-of-the-park home runs in the championship game.

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