OKANOGAN – An M-1 Garand Fun Shoot in honor of the late Christian Johnson is planned this Saturday, Sept. 26 at the Okanogan Wildlife Council lower range.

The council’s range is next to the Okanogan County Central Landfill on B&O Road.

Johnson, who died Oct. 2, 2019, from burns suffered a month earlier while fighting the Spring Coulee Fire, was an active community leader in Okanogan. He served in the Okanogan Volunteer Fire Department, Okanogan County Fly Club and as an officer in the Okanogan Wildlife Council.

In the council, he was particularly fond of the M-1 Garand matches held each spring. At least one year, he showed up on his Harley with the rifle slung over his shoulder, ready to rock, recalled club spokesman Ralph Malone.

In honor of Johnson’s enthusiasm for the Garand, the Wildlife Council decided to host a club match in his memory.

“This will be roughly based on the CR-40 match course of fire so it will require about 45 rounds of ammo to complete the match,” said Malone. “There are 40 rounds for record after a sighting period of four minutes.”

Junior shooters may use AR-15s or M-1 carbines at reduced distances, but adults have to shoot the big rifles.

Participation in the match is free to council members and guests.

Registration is from 9-9:30 a.m., safety briefing at 9:45 a.m. and record firing begins at 10 a.m.

After the firing is complete, Perry Huston is preparing a barbecue for participants and others to enjoy at the upper range, Malone said.

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