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Tonasket’s Isaac Gomez, shown taking a 5-3 decision over Darrington’s Johnny Franke in the state B 195-pound final, was named the Central Washington League’s wrestler of the year.

TONASKET – The Tonasket High School wrestling team, led by the Central Washington League’s wrestler of the year Isaac Gomez at 195 pounds, landed eight No. 1 all-league wrestlers in CWL all-league voting.

Lake Roosevelt’s Steve Hood was voted CWB coach of the year.

Other Tonasket No. 1 grapplers included Waylon Thomas (106), Waylon Wilson (113), Colin Silverthorn (120), Dawson Bretz (126), Garrett Wilson (145), Austin Wood (160) and Carson Sasse (182).

The Tigers, which won their third-straight state B team championship last month with a state-record 348 points, graduate Bretz, Wilson, Gomez and Wood.

Garrett Wilson won his third straight state title.

Gomez and Bretz won their second state crowns.

Wood was third in state.

Tonasket could challenge for a fourth straight team championship next year with lots of young, experienced wrestlers slated to return.

Top freshmen this year include Thomas (state champ), Waylon Wilson (second in state), Carson Sasse (second in state at 182; only freshman ranked in top 8).

Sophomores include Silverthorn (second state title), Lane Bolich (second in state at 113)

Juniors include Rielan Bretz (third in state at 132), Lazaro Soria (fifth in state at 106) and Carsen Walton (fifth in state at 145).

Lake Roosevelt all-league No. 1 wrestlers included David Crowe (132), Kaleb Horn (138),Tony Nichols (152), Sherwin Vargas (195) and Terrance Saulque (295).

Raider seniors include Crowe (second in state at 132), Horn (second in state at 138), Nichols (second in state at 152), and Steven Flowers (third in state at 195).

Those who could return next year for the Raiders, who are coming off a second-place state finish, include sophomores Sherwin Vargas (second in state at 195) and Terrance Saulque (fifth in state at 295), along with freshman Colton Jackson (second in state at 106).

“Being recognized as coach of the year by the other coaches in the league is an honor,” said Hood. “I feel like that kind of recognition is earned by the student athletes on the team and the overall program. We had a great season.”

The Raiders matched their best effort in state, finishing second also in 2013. The program also had five first-place finishers at district, which was the most ever.

Hood noted the team’s Ida Sue Dick at 140, was third in the sub-regional tournament

“So she would be all-league honorable mention?” said Hood.

Oroville’s Colby Guzman, a junior, was named No. 1 at 170 pounds.

“Colby put in the extra time last summer in freestyle all the way to the Fargo National tournament,” Oroville coach Chuck Ricevuto said. “It paid off with a district and regional championship. After winning a single match last year at state, Colby finished fourth in state this season.”

Central Washington League all-league wrestlers:

106 - 1, Waylon Thomas, Ton. 2, Colton Jackson, LR. 3, Lazaro Soria, Ton. 4, Cody White, LB. 5, Ramiro Ambriz, Pat.

113 - 1, Waylon Wilson, Ton. 2, Lane Bolich, Ton. 3, Robert Thomas, LR. 4, Dylin Armstrong, LR.

120 - 1, Colin Silverthorn, Ton. 2, Jed McMillan, LB. 3, Israel Gomez, Ton.

126 - 1, Dawson Bretz, Ton. 2, Cody Field, Oro. 3, Taylor Circle, LR. 4, Angel DePaz, Ton. 5, Kolo Moser, Oro. 6, Everett Schmidt, LR. 7, Danny Dowers, Pat.

132 - 1, David Crowe, LR. 2, Rielan Bretz, Ton. 3, Dakota Seylor, LR. 4, Alexis Garcia, Ton.

138 - 1, Kaleb Horn, LR. 2, Kevin Sanabria, Ton. 3, Sam Castrejon, Oro. 4, Scott Kuntz, Ton.

145 - 1, Garrett Wilson, Ton. 2, Darian Range, Oro. 3, Carsen Walton, Ton. 4, Noah Holston, LB. 5, Jett McCoy, Oro.

152 - 1, Tony Nichols, LR. 2, Seth Baugher, Oro. 3, Tyler Palmer, LR. 4, Josh Smith, Pat.

160 - 1, Austin Wood, Ton. 2, Bodie Paul, LB. 3, Austin Brock, Ton. 4, Dylan Wiles, LR. 5, Kaiden Palmer, LR. 6, Hunter DeVon, Oro.

170 - 1, Colby Guzman, Oro. 2, Gabe Garcia, Brew. 3, Brandon Long, LR. 4, Ryden Zabreznik, Ton. 5, Sergio Galicia, LR. 6, Elijah Burnell, Oro. 7, Anthony Medel, Pat.

182 - 1, Carson Sasse, Ton. 2, Moses Luevano, LR. 3, Julio Alatorre, Ton. 4, Myka Boyd, LR. 5, Oscar Cervantes, Oro. 6, Rodolfo Madrid, Brew.

195 - 1, Isaac Gomez, Ton. 2, Steven Flowers, LR. 3, Connor Klingenberg, LR.

220 - 1, Sherwin Vargas, LR. 2, Trevon Johnson, LR. 3, Jesus Najara Ton.

295 - 1, Terrance Saulque, LR. 2, Jose Cervantes, Oro. 3, Joseph Tynan, LR.

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