OKANOGAN — Cashmere took both the boys’ and girls’ team titles at the Okanogan Invitational cross country meet Tuesday at Okanogan Valley Golf Course.

The Bulldogs dominated the boys’ side, 36 to Omak’s 63, led by winner Evan Gambill in 16 minutes, 21.3 seconds on a 5K (3.1-mile) course.

Tonasket’s Garrett Wilson went out strong early, looking over his shoulder to see if anyone was going to join him at the front around the half-mile mark.

Gambill took the gambit and surged forward. The two ran together for a short time before Gambill rushed to the front for an easy win. Wilson finished in 16:35.7.

The fast boys’ race produced several top times in the state.

Gambill is now ranked No. 5 for state 1A runners.

Okanogan’s Clancy Andrews was fourth overall (17:06.1) and is now ranked No. 14 in 1A.

Omak’s Andrick Carroll, who was sixth (17:17.6) is ranked No. 21.

Wilson’s second-place finished elevated him to No. 4 in state 1B/2B.

“Garrett is running strong and is looking good at this point of the season,” Tonasket coach Bob Thornton said. “As a team, we are running well, but still have some work to do. They are working hard and we will be ready at the end of the season.”

The Cashmere girls won a close race with Okanogan, 31-36, by placing its first three runners in the top four and its first five racers (five are needed for a team score) among the first 14 finishers.

Cashmere freshman Sydney Smith was first (20:00.2).

Smith, the second-fastest freshman in the 1A ranks, is now ranked No. 12 in the state 1A.

The third-fastest state 1A freshman is Cashmere’s Gabriella Terrell-Lewis, who was second at the meet (20:20.8) and is No. 16 in state.

Okanogan’s Lexie LaDoux, also a freshman, was the lone runner to crack Cashmere’s front threesome, finishing third (20:23.1.). She is ranked No. 18 in state.

Okanogan’s Olivia Richards, who was fifth (20:43.7), is ranked at No. 26.

“The Okanogan Valley Golf Course proved to be a fantastic setting for the Okanogan Invitational,” Okanogan coach Molly McNeil said. “We are so very thankful to be invited out there to host. Having the golf course allowed assistant coach Marty Staggs to develop a challenging and well-planned-out course.

“Everyone is continuing to improve and we look forward to Wenatchee on Saturday,” McNeil said of the meet planned for Sept. 23.

Top Tonasket girl was Katie Henneman (19, 23:46.2), followed closely by Camille Wilson (21, 23:54.6).

“Very happy with the way our kids ran,” Bridgeport coach Mark Ward said.

Bridgeport was paced by Tony Flores, who was 16th in the boys’ race (18:06.3), and Monica Trejo, who took 29th in the girls’ race (25:39.2).

“We used this meet as a way to work on specific parts of the race,” Ward said. “All members of the team did as asked. We are all learning our strengths and how to best utilize them.”

“Athletes are continuing to work hard and improving weekly,” Brewster coach Kelly Brown said.

The Bears were led by Ubaldo Arellano (15th, 18:04.7) and Ricky Garcia (18:07.3) in the boys’ run and Melisa Garcia (18th in 23:25.1) for the girls.

“Looking forward to see how far they can go,” Brown said. “They are a pleasure to coach.”

In the boys’ junior varsity race, Omak’s Kyle Holborn (18:39.2) was second and Tonasket’s Chris Rivera was third (19:05.9).

In the middle school’s 1.5-mile race, Tonasket’s Waylon Thomas was way out front to take first.

Also for Tonasket were Carter Timm in second and Conner Hardesty in seventh.

The Tigers girls were led by Hattie Buchert, who was fourth.

She was followed closely by teammates Madison Koplin in fifth and Cailee Denison in seventh.

No other results were given for the middle school race as of Sept. 21.

Boys’ team scores: 1, Cashmere 35. 2, Omak 71. 3, Okanogan 92. 4, Tonasket 97. 5, Cascade 116. 6, Brewster 144. 7, Bridgeport 186. 8, Oroville 260.

Individuals: 1, Evan Gambill, Cash., 16:21.3. 2, Garrett Wilson, Ton., 16:35.7. 3, Landon Davis, Casc., 16:52.6. 4, Clancy Andrews, Okan., 17:06.10. 5, Aster Dotson, Cash., 17:15.5. 6, Andrick Carroll, Omak, 17:17.6. 7, Rob McManus, Cash., 17:17.8. 8, Israel Escamilla, Omak, 17:26.8. 9, Steven Zandell, Omak, 17:36.0. 10, James Hamilton, Okan. 17:40.4.

Others: 14, Mason Holborn, Omak, 18:04.4. 15, Ubaldo Arellano, Brew., 18:04.7. 16, Tony Flores, BP, 18:06.3. 7, Ricky Garcia, Brew., 18:07.3. 18, Israel Gomez, Ton., 18:08.8. 19, Cristian Zarazua, Ton., 18:19.0. Dawson Bretz, Ton., 18:19.2. 24, Adrien Pinkham, Okan., 18:47.0. 25, Weston Wood, Okan., 18:48.6. 26, Wyatt Thomas, Omak, 18:52.0. 27, Will Clark, Okan., 18:56.2. 28, Tyler Sam, Omak, 19:10.9. 30, Oscar Guzman, Brew., 19:22.9. 31, Austin Wood, Ton., 19:24.1. 32, Alejandro Perez, BP, 19:24.7. 33, Joshua Lester, Omak, 19:43.4. 35, Arturo Perez, BP, 19:53.3. 36, Lemuel Infante, Brew., 19:55.3. 38, Zach Clark, Ton., 20:11.3. 40, Eduardo Garcia, Brew., 20:24.0. 41, Colin Silverthorn, Ton., 20:32.3. 42, Ramiro Rincon, Brew., 20:39.9. 43, Tony Ruiz, BP, 20:40.8.44, Matthew Galvan, Orov., 20:44.3. 45, Corbin Peterson, Okan., 20:47.8. 46, Hunter Chilmonik, Okan., 20:48., 20:48.0. 47, Brigido Ocampo, Orov., 21:20.5. 49, Anthony Gurule, Orov., 21:54.8. 50, Carlos Ruiz, BP, 24:33.6. 51, Kostyantyn Lyashko, Orov., 32:42.9.

Girls’ team scores: 1, Cashmere 17. 2, Okanogan 43. 3, Omak, 83. 4, Cascade 129. 5, Tonasket 132. 6, Bridgeport 175.

Individuals: 1, Sydney Smith, Cash., 20:00.2. 2, Gabriella Terrell, Cash., 20:20.8. 3, Lexi LaDoux, Okan., 20:23.1. 4, Eleanor Nelson, Cash., 20:30.7. 5, Olivia Richards, Okan., 20:43.7. 6, Caiden Chapa, Omak, 21:04.3. 7, Jada Rasmussen, Okan., 21:15.4. 8, Reily Morrison-Nelson, Okan., 21:27.0. 9, Zoe McDevitt, Casc., 21:35.4. 10, Adria Torrence, Cash., 21:44.5.

Others: 11, Kassidy Carlton, Omak, 21:56.8. 12, Evangeline Lamb, Omak, 22:06.9. 13, Myra Rasmussen, Okan., 22:09.4. 16, Emily Little, Omak, 22:51.1. 17, Jennifer O’Dell, Omak, 23:03.9. 18, Melisa Garcia, Brew., 23:25.1. 19, Katie Henneman, Ton., 23:46.1. 20, Zintia Lopez, Omak, 23:53.6. 21, Camille Wilson, Ton., 23:54.6. 23, Morgan Pakootas-Covington, Okan., 24:44.6. 35, Kaylee Bobadilla, Ton., 25:05.3. 26, Sage Young, Ton., 25:21.6. 27, Katie Walker, Omak, 25:22.2. 28, Zoe Cox, Orov., 25:39.0. 29, Monica Trejo, BP, 25:39.2. 30, Miriam Jimenez, BP, 25:55.2. 31, Catalina Martinez, BP, 26:17.8. 33, Zoey Provstgaard, Okan., 26:22.7. 35, Anayeli Trejo, BP, 26:39.4.

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