Omak cross country runners bring home hardware from Manson

The Omak High School girls’ and boys’ cross country teams each finished first at the Manson Invitational on Saturday. Runners included (from left) Wyatt Thomas, Colton Cavier, Steven Zandell, Dawson Click, Evan Porter, Mason Holborn, Israel Escamilla, Josh Lester, Andrick Carroll, Alex Johns, Evangeline Lamb, Tyler Sam, Kassidy Carlton, Kyle Holborn, Caiden Chapa, Emily Little, Zintia Lopez, and Katie Walker.

MANSON — The Omak High School cross country teams opened their season zipping through a smoky course to bring home trophies Saturday.

“Despite a hazy smoke, the air quality was acceptable to run at Wapato Point,” Omak coach Sean Kato said. “At this point we usually have three races in, but due to the smoky air in early September we did not race our first two scheduled events.

“The Pioneer runners have been excited to get the competitions started so it was nice to be able get them racing on Saturday. The team is looking very strong for early season, with lots of fitness still to build.

“The girls’ team, led by Evangeline Lamb, dominated the girls’ race from start to finish,” Kato said. “Evangeline Lamb took an early lead and held strong out front all the way to the finish line. Freshman Caiden Chapa trailed behind Lamb throughout the race.”

The boys’ race was pretty exciting as the team score was very close,” said Kato.

“The Pioneer men edged out Tonasket by one point for a 45 to 46 win. I’m very proud of how both the Pioneer men and ladies’ teams stayed focused and ran their races from line to line.”

Boys’ team scores: 1, Omak 45. 2, Tonasket 46. 3, Manson 55. 4, Brewster 123. 5, Lake Roosevelt 129. 6, Bridgeport 136.

Individuals: 1, Garrett Wilson, Ton., 17:27.59. 2, Heriberto Sarmiento, Manson, 17:34.63. 3, Andrick Carroll, Omak, 17:59.79. 4, Israel Escamilla, Omak, 18:25.93. 5, Connor Torgesen, Manson, 18:29.00.

Other Omak boys: 6, Steven Zandell, 18:29.67. 14, Mason Holborn, 19:19. 18, Joshua Lester 19:41.75. 19, Wyatt Thomas 19:45.22. 20, Tyler Sam 20:02.75. Evan Porter 20:52.27. Alberto Ochoa-Storm 20:55.48. Dawson Click 21:27.75. Colton Cavier 23:03.95. Hamilton Hopkin 24:11.26. 13, Alexander Johns 24:56.21.

Other Tonasket runners: 7, Israel Gomez, 18:55.61. 8, Dawson Bretz, 19:00.47. 9, Cristian Zarazua, 19:03.92. Zach Clark 20:09.30. Austin Wood 20:44.66. Colin Silverthorn 21:48.37. Curtis Wilson 22:06.94. Justin McDonald 23:13.51. Blake Peterson 29:15.11. Leon Schneider 30:12.03.

Brewster boys: 13, Ubaldo Arellano, 19:18.53. 24, Oscar Guzman, 20:22.31. 30, Ramiro Rincon, 21:05.21. Lemuel Infante 21:40.25. Eduardo Garcia 21:42.83. Roger Gomez 21:49.83. Victor Abrego 22:17.54. Angel Maldonado 22:56.23. Carlos Garcia 23:46.73

Lake Roosevelt boys: 10, Kyle Demo, 19:04.92. 11, Adam George, 19:06.15.

Bridgeport boys: 12, Tony Flores, 19:08.08. Alejandro Perea 20:56.73. Arturo Perez 21:06.77. Tony Ruiz 22:03.25. Jose Garcia 22:50.45. Carlos Ruiz 24:57.11. Luis Trejo 25:09.60. Johnathan Chavez 25:51.49. Federico Colin 25:57.69.

Republic boys: Chad Doye 21:06.42. Ian Hamrick 22:51.38. Nathan Sheffield 25:39.67.

Girls’ team scores: 1, Omak 15.

Omak girls: 1, Evangeline Lamb 21:46.97. 2, Caiden Chapa 22:47.54. 4, Kassidy Carlton 23:08.07. 8, Emily Little 24:05.42. 11, Jennifer O’Dell 24:21.79. 12, Zintia Lopez 24:57.34. 16, Katie Walker 26:51.49.

Lake Roosevelt girls: 3, Kyona Edmo 23:04.06. 7, Hannah Wapato 23:48.58. 10, Kayla St. Pierre 24:18.32. 21, Khani Priest 37:33.01.

Republic girls: 6, Emma Reiss 23:34.73. 14, Anna Reiss 25:30.871. 34, Lily Groom 41:48.57.

Brewster girls: 9, Melisa Garcia 24:05.81.

Bridgeport girls: 17, Monica Trejo 27:11.44. 19, Anayeli Trejo 28:05.96. 20, Catalina Martinez 28:06.,47

Tonasket girls: 13, Camille Wilson 25:07.56. 15, Kaylee Bobadilla 26:21.37.

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