Omak graduate CJ Lockwood shows his body sculpting during an Idaho competition.

GARDEN CITY, Idaho – Omak High School graduate notched a first and two seconds in his first body building competition earlier this month.

CJ Lockwood, a 2010 Omak graduate and former athlete, competed Nov. 7 in the National Physique Committee Idaho Cup Championships in Garden City, Idaho.

Lockwood, now living in Seattle, placed first in physique true novice A, second in classic true novice and second in physique D categories.

His team, GK Krew, won the overall team award.

Lockwood, 29, said he wants to keep working on his body and compete in a national show in six to eight months. Many shows have been canceled because of COVID-19, but he’s hopeful the spread will slow and competitions will be back on.

He now is nationally certified in men’s physique, said his mother, Lorri Lockwood of Omak.

“His goal is to receive an NPC pro card in both classes,” she said. “A pro card is essentially the golden ticket that proves you have put in the work and competed in amateur level competitions and won.”

Lockwood became a National Academy of Sports Medicine personal trainer in 2017. He had been working at the Washington Athletic Club until COVID-19 shut down gyms. He started his own business, Body by Lockwood, and has several clients in the Seattle area.

He works out at Bodyshop Fitness, Bothell, and trained for his first competition with GK Krew, which is coached by Mark Sindayen.

CJ Lockwood said he played football in Omak and in college at Whitworth and a junior college in Seattle.

“I longed for competition” once college was over, he said. “I’ve always worked out. I have a passion for fitness and health.”

The more he got into the lifestyle, the more intense his workouts became and the better he felt and looked, he said. When he joined the Bothell gym, he was around people with a similar mindset and decided to become a team member.

“It turned into a passion,” he said.

If he gets a top 2 finish in a national competition, he could get his pro card and then compete in bigger shows that offer sponsorships and cash prizes.

After the Idaho competition, Justin Heilman, CEO of Lyfe Blends, and invited Lockwood to be an ambassador for the company, said Lorri Lockwood. Lyfe Blends promotes advanced wellness and performance foods.

Heilman also competed.

CJ Lockwood said being in the body building world requires lots of training, attention to diet – including tracking everything he eats - and strong-mindedness. The regimen helps with his own fitness clients.

His parents are Lorri and Rich Lockwood. He still holds the total offense career yards record for the Pioneer football team.

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