OMAK – Several Omak High School football players were named to all-league teams in the Caribou Trail League.

Jacob Hurlbert, a junior, was named to the first team on the offensive and defensive lines, while Joseph Bucsko, a senior, was listed as a first-team linebacker.

Senior Brayan Suastegui was a first-team selection on special teams as a returner.

CTL all-league

Coach of the year – Bryan Bremer, Cashmere.

Offensive most valuable player – Sam Phillips, senior, Cashmere.

Defensive most valuable player – Sam Phillips, senior, Cashmere.

Sportsmanship – Quincy.

First team

Quarterback – Sam Phillips, senior, Cashmere; Reed Stamps, junior, Chelan.

Running back - Cody Enloe, senior, Cascade; Hunter McCabe, senior, Cashmere; Julio Alatorre, senior, Chelan.

Wide receiver/tight end - Nate Phillips, senior, Cashmere; Dillon McCardle, senior, Chelan; Quin McLaren, junior, Chelan.

Offensive line - Jacob Hurlbert, junior, Omak; Colson Brunner, senior, Cashmere; Cole Scott, junior, Cashmere; Cole Warman, junior, Cascade; Miguel Neri, senior, Chelan.

Defensive line - Jacob Hurlbert, junior, Omak; Colson Brunner, senior, Cashmere; Cole Scott, junior, Cashmere; Xavier Richtsmeier, senior, Cascade; Nathan Alcala, junior, Chelan.

Linebacker - Joseph Bucsko, senior, Omak; Jones Duncan, sophomore, Cascade; Duke Odenrider, senior, Cashmere; JD Gonzalez, senior, Chelan; Gunner Gleasman, senior, Chelan.

Defensive back - Sam Phillips, senior, Cashmere; Cody Enloe, senior, Cascade; Dominic Harrington, senior, Cashmere; Dylan McCardle, senior, Chelan.

Special teams – AJ Martinez, senior, Chelan, kicker; Brayan Suastegui, senior, Omak, returner.

Second team

Quarterback – Cole Warnaca, senior, Cascade.

Running back – Ethan Kehl, junior, Chelan; Kai Lewman, sophomore, Cascade; Kessler Fjellman, sophomore, Omak; Sergio Cordova, junior, Quincy.

Wide receiver/tight end – Trey Rose, junior, Omak; Kaston Dillon, sophomore, Cascade.

Offensive line – Saul Viscaino, senior, Cascade; Juan Bravo, senior, Quincy; Edwin Esparza, sophomore, Quincy; Jonathon Gonzales, senior, Chelan; JD Gonzalez, senior, Chelan.

Defensive line – Alonso Benegas, sophomore, Chelan; Genesi Arciniega, sophomore, Omak; Cameron Barnes, junior, Cascade.

Linebacker – Brayden Weatherman, senior, Cashmere; Kaden Keogh, senior, Cashmere; Sergio Cordova, junior, Quincy; Adam Hendrick, senior, Omak.

Defensive back – Nate Phillips, senior, Cashmere; Bret Fraker, senior, Cascade.

Honorable mention

Linebacker – Gavin Pulse, sophomore, Cascade; Trey Rose, junior, Omak.

Defensive back – Jack Croci, sophomore, Cashmere; Noel Hernandez, senior, Quincy; Adrian Hernandez, senior, Quincy.

Vejraska named to soccer first team

Senior Kacie Vejraska, goalie for the Omak High School girls’ soccer team, was named to the Caribou Trail League first team in all-league selections.

Omak had one player, midfielder Alyssa Davis, a sophomore, on the second team, while junior defender Estrella Delgado received honorable mention.

Coach of the year is Cascade’s Javier Reyna. Emily Wurl, Quincy, was named player of the year.

Chelan won the sportsmanship award.

First team – Emily Wurl, junior forward, Quincy; Molly Wiser, senior forward, Cascade; Sheridan Donavan, junior midfielder, Quincy; Stella Johnson, senior midfielder, Cascade; Carley Diaz, junior midfielder, Cashmere; Ella Burts, junior midfielder, Cashmere; Arden Paglia, sophomore midfielder, Chelan; Klaritssa Cruz, senior defender, Quincy; Rory Swoboda, senior defender, Cascade; Genn Ledesma, junior defender, Cashmere; Aliyah Villasenor, senior defender, Chelan; Kacie Vejraska, senior goalie, Omak.

Second team – Natalie Dart, junior forward, Cashmere; Brianna Pedregon, senior midfielder, Quincy; Karla Nunez, junior midfielder, Quincy; Madi Gellespie, junior midfielder, Cascade; Lilian Pena, junior midfielder, Quincy; Alyssa Davis, sophomore midfielder, Omak; Maya Cowan, freshman midfielder, Chelan; Stephanie Aguirre, junior defender, Quincy; Samantha Castro, senior defender, Quincy; Annie Jenkins, sophomore defender, Cascade; Angel Walkley, senior defender, Cashmere; Ava Courtney, sophomore goalie, Cashmere.

Honorable mention – Kaitlyn Bjorklund, sophomore midfielder, Cashmere; Estrella Delgado, junior defender, Omak; Joslynn Simmons, sophomore defender, Chelan; Nayeli Fernandez, junior goalie, Cascade.

Omak wins volleyball sportsmanship award

Omak High School won the sportsmanship award in Caribou Trail League volleyball and landed two players on the all-league team.

Honored were junior Trinity Fjellman and sophomore Cassidy Coffell.

League coach of the year is Jenifer Rainville, Chelan. Katie Rainville and Elly Collins, both of Chelan, shared player of the year honors.

First team – Katie Rainville, Chelan; Elly Collins, Chelan; Morgyn Harrison, Chelan; AJ Gueller, Chelan; Ally Williams, Chelan; Olivia Strandberg, Chelan; Lauren Kert, Cashmere; Grace Piston, Cashmere.

Second team – Sasha Dandridge, Chelan; Faith Kert, Cashmere; Izzy Lyons, Cashmere; Trinity Fjellman, Omak; Cassidy Coffell, Omak; Kelly Mills, Quincy; Kalin O’Neal, Cascade.

Honorable mention – Ellie Spears, Cashmere; Reese Neuwenhuis, Quincy; Giselle Navarro, Cascade.

Omak places two on girls’ cross country list

Dayle Massey, Cascade, was named cross country coach of the year for boys and girls in the Caribou Trail League.

Boys’ runner of the year was Rob McManus, Cashmere, and Lauren Muscutt, Cascade, was girls’ runner of the year.

Cashmere won the team sportsmanship award for both boys and girls, while Cascade won both league championships.

Omak placed senior Katie Walker on the girls’ second team and freshman Kylee Wyatt on the honorable mention list. Omak had no runners winning all-league honors on the boys’ side.


First team – Rob McManus, Cashmere; Landon Davies, Cascade; Owen Bard, Cascade; Aiden Tuttle, Cascade; Anthony Villalobos, Cascade; Tucker Fogelson, Chelan; Jerome Jerome, Cascade.

Second team – Cray Silva, Chelan; Dyllion Taylor, Cashmere; Luke Simmons, Chelan; Kyler Knoll, Cashmere; Landon Baker, Cashmere; Henry Nelson, Cashmere; Kaden Miller, Cashmere.

Honorable mention – Hugh Wheeler, Cashmere; JJ Groner, Cashmere; Elijah Walker, Cascade; David Payan, Chelan; Garrick Strong, Cashmere; Oscar Orozco, Cashmere; Levi Kukes, Quincy.


First team – Lauren Muscutt, Cascade; Zoe McDevitt, Cascade; Kylee Foster, Cashmere; Mireya Garibay, Chelan; Sydney Smith, Cashmere; Teegan Silva, Chelan; Jane Kennedy, Quincy.

Second team – Paige Nunnally, Cascade; Ellie Martin, Cashmere; Tristan Hoffman, Cashmere; Katie Walker, Omak; Tillie Leroy, Cascade; Celeste Villalobos, Cascade; Bella Gatzemeier, Chelan.

Honorable mention – Marisol Uribe, Quincy; Carly Shoening, Cascade; Lana Fielding, Chelan; Bridget Jones, Quincy; Kylee Wyatt, Omak; Molly Renner-Singer, Cascade; Ruth Flores, Quincy.

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