Chris Wolley of Oroville

Chris Wolley of Oroville, left, competes in a beginner’s race on Saturday during the Osoyoos Cup.

Oroville' Wolley does very well in first-ever racing

OROVILLE – The final Washington state watercross racing of the season occurred on choppy Lake Osoyoos on Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 3-4.

After zipping around a curvy course for two days, the final standings and state champions were announced, said race promoter and organizer Roger Harnack.

“It was great to see Okanogan County represented again in watercross racing,” said Harnack of Chris Wolley of Oroville.

At Oroville, Wolley finished second in a three-person beginner GP5 stock class and was seventh out nine in a GP5 stock-novice class.

Watercross state champions

State watercross champions this year include (front, from left) Jordyn Miller; (back) Nathan Lesh, Nicole Lesh, Ian Benson, Craig Thorsteinson, Genesis Warner, Alexz Benson, Hudson Petek, Scott Benson and Curtis Pitman. They were crowned at the conclusion of the Lake Osoyoos Cup last weekend, Aug. 3-4, at Deep Bay Park north of Oroville. It was the last watercross race of the year in Washington state.

Klete Kinser of Lovell, Wyo., swims

Klete Kinser of Lovell, Wyo., swims back to his ski in a Pro-Am race at the Lake Osoyoos Cup.

Chris Pitman of Lake Stevens takes a sharp turn.

Chris Pitman of Lake Stevens takes a sharp turn.

The results were good enough to land him in the final state standings in second out of five for stock-beginner and 10th out of 14 in stock-novice.

“Chris did an outstanding job in his first-ever race,” Harnack said. “He made the beginner ski class very competitive. Chris and Genesis (Warner) ended the weekend with the same race points, but she edged him out in a tiebreaker for first-place. With such great places to ride skis in Okanogan County, we’re hoping to see many more residents turnout next year.”

A tiebreaker gives the win to whomever did the best in the last race.

“Although we had a short season this year, we had a great turnout under American Water Sports Association sanctioning,” Harnack said. “Our races brought competitors from Montana, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia to Okanogan County.

“We’re looking forward to returning again next year to both Pateros and Oroville.

“We’re very appreciative of the support we get in Okanogan County,” Harnack said. “Pateros, the chamber of commerce and the City of Oroville, the sheriff’s office, LifeLine Ambulance and many others make it possible for us to put on a safe race. I can’t thank them and our other volunteers, like rescue diver Archie Dennis of Coulee Dam, enough. Without them and many others, our events would not happen.”

Lake Osoyoos Cup 2019

Weekend Tally

Ski GP2 Open Veteran – 1, Seth McNeil. 2, Craig Thorsteinson. 3, Scott Warner.

Ski GP1 Open Pro/Expert – 1, Curtis Pitman. 2, Ethan Pederson. 3, Ian Benson. 4, Doug Derrickson.

Ski GP5 Stock Women – 1, Alexz Benson. 2, Genesis Warner. 3, Nicole Lesh.

Ski GP5 Stock Novice – 1, Nathan Lesh. 2, Jeff Gosslee. 3, Lukas Martin. 4, Hudson Petek. 5, Zach Martin. 6, Nathan Clements. 7, Chris Wolley. 8, Cole McIntyre. 9, Seth McNeil.

Ski GP4 4-Stroke N/A-Expert/Vet – 1, Ian Benson

2, Nathan Clements

3, Doug Derrickson

Ski GP3 2-Stroke - Expert - 1, Alexz Benson. 2, Scott Warner. 3, Curtis Pitman. 4, Lukas Martin. 5, Zach Martin. 6, Seth McNeil. 7, Hudson Petek. 8, Ethan Pederson.

V2 650/750 - 1, Nathan Clements. 2, Seth McNeil.

V1 - X2 1, Hudson Petek.

Ski Junior 13-14 - 1, Cole McIntyre. 2, Matthew Derrickson. 3, Nicole Lesh.

Ski GP2 Open Expert - 1, Nathan Lesh. 2, Ethan Pederson. 3, Curtis Pitman. 4, Nathan Clements.

Ski GP5 Stock Junior 10-12 - 1, Jordyn Miller. 2, Sophia Benson. 3, Jayden Black. 4, Century Warner.

Ski GP5 Stock Beginner - 1, Genesis Warner. 2, Chris Wolley. 3, Matthew Derrickson.

Ski GP5 Stock ProAM - 1, Curtis Pitman. 2, Alexz Benson. 3, Nathan Lesh. 4, Klete Kinser. 5, Craig Thorsteinson. 6, Ethan Pederson. 7, Nathan Clements. 8, Ian Benson.

Ski GP5 Stock Veteran - 1, Scott Benson. 2, Craig Thorsteinson. 3, Seth McNeil.

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