Haley Ganzel entertains

Haley Ganzel entertains the Thursday night crowd at the Omak Stampede Rodeo.

Rough stock rider, horsewomen to marry in Oklahoma

Shane Proctor, 2011 PRCA world champion from Grand Coulee, and Haley Ganzel, world champion trick rider, are planning to be married Oct. 5 in Oklahoma, a week after the 2019 rodeo season wraps up.

Proctor is a five-time National Finals Rodeo qualifier and a nine-time Professional Bull Riders World Finals qualifier who has earned nearly $3 million in his career.

He’s been helping Ganzel out with her rodeo act, setting up props, lighting torches and doing anything that needs to be done.

Ganzel thrilled Omak Stampede rodeo audiences Aug. 8-11, mostly using her horses Jiminy, Cricket and Cisco.

Saturday night’s performance proved to be special, with Proctor competing in saddle bronc riding on the horse Broken Camp.

They’ve been a couple for a while, as I met them together at Shane’s bull riding camp at Nespelem.

“I know her act in and out and have done it over 100 times now,” Proctor said in an online story at montanasports.com. “Last year at Pendleton, I got bucked off my bronc, walked right over and started setting her stuff up. For these big rodeos, the support I can show her is helping out. I want her act to be something special.”

At Stampede, Ganzel used flaming torches, riding between then over the top of them while standing between two horses.

She later thrilled the audience by racing around the arena holding a large U.S. flag that included a huge sparkler on top.

Proctor reported he’s retired from PBR as of last year. He continues to ride saddle broncs of late, although he can ride most any rough stock.

In fact, his goal is to win the PRCA world all-around championship and be the first to do it since 1998.

This year, Proctor is ranked No. 25 in the all-around with winnings of $23,621.63.

Of note, right behind him is former traveling partner Caleb McMillan of Soap Lake at $22,728.06 in all-around.

So far, the engagement is working despite the differences in schedules.

“I always try to make sure to enter the rodeos that she’s working at so I can see her,” said Proctor in the online article. “But you do go two to three weeks sometimes and all you get to do is talk on the phone or FaceTime.

“Eventually it will slow down, eventually we will start a family and we won’t have any rodeos that we have to go to until our kids are rodeoing. Right now we have the opportunity to travel and do everything we want, and we’re very blessed with that.”

Prior to doing the Saturday performance at the Omak Stampede Hanzel wrote on Facebook that she’d been meeting Proctor’s friends from high school (like wrestlers) and his family.

“The history in this town is something to be in awe of,” she wr4ote. “And I for one feel so privileged to just be a small part of this outstanding rodeo!!!!

“Part of my heart will forever reside in Washington!!!! Omak has made me feel nothing more than at home.”

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