Kris Claeys of Hillsboro, Ore., and his two-wheel-drive modified truck, One Night Stands, pulled to second place in its class

TONASKET — Truck and tractor enthusiasts from around the northwest converged July 19-20 in Tonasket for the 9th annual Tonasket Truck and Tractor Pull.

"I think it was a really good show," organizer Roger Sawyer said. "Friday night was an excellent crowd."

Results, as provided by Cascade Pullers include:

Stock Gas

Travis Burril, Lucifer 190.9

Super Stock Gas

Delton Amoth, Tired n Blue 212.3

2.5 Diesel

First, Katie Oftsun, Bootie Shaker 199.0; second, Mike Thomas, Clifford 187.3; third, Sam Juneau, No Name Truck 183.4; fourth, Alex Bergi, The Mistress 183; fifth, Jake Meyer, The Prostitute, 175; sixth, TJ Burton, Bad Parenting 163.2; seventh, Tara Nielson Gray Ghost 152.5; eighth, Dustin Buckingham, USS Snowflake, 99.5.

2.6 Diesel 

First, Dave Notar, Sandbagger 215.3; second, Jason Burton, Overdrawn 192.9; third, Mark Adams, Specialized Diesel 193.3; fourth, Tim O’Neill, CN Red 185.8.

Wheel Standers

First, Joey Haveman, Hog Wild 149.2; second, Kris Claeys, One Night Stand 198.9.

Country Modified

First, Brent Coghill, Bone Digger 181.0; second, Jennifer Wills, Insane Addiction 179.1.

Smoker Tractor

Delton Amoth, Bad Apple 202.9.

Pro Modified

First, Jason Gish, Double Ugly Too 191.9; second, Ralph Tramp, Agent Orange 185.8; third, Charles Coad, Hell on Wheels 168.9; fourth, Sami Smith, Moonlighter 168.8; fifth, Corey Coad, Capt n Hook 158.0; sixth, Tom Walker, Heart Strong 163.2; seventh, Garrie Grant, Little Thunder 145.0.

Super Modified 4WD

Cheryl Wheatley, Bounty Hunter 251.4

Multi-Engine Tractors

First, Chris Wheatley, 225.6; second, Jack Wheatley, 250-plus.

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