Bowling: Goynes bowl youth high marks

OMAK – Dale Dunckel, Karen Trottier and Terry Clark posted top bowling scores last week at Valley Lanes.

Dale Dunckel parlayed high game of 266 into high series of 678 in Classic Scratch.

Trottier had the women’s high game of 197 posted in Valleyettes.

Clark had high series of 511 rolled in the Seniors League.

Monday Majors – High game: 233, Les McKay. 227, John Nicholas. 224, Jason VanderWeide. 215, Matt Stephens. 204, Terry Pelton. 203, Dan Wentz. 201, Shon Baker and Bill Gates. High series: 607, John Nicholas. 592, Matt Stephens.

Valleyettes – High game: 191, Panda Dunckel. 183, Kathy Sirois. Series: 501, Kathy Sirois. 493, Panda Dunckel. 453, Karen Trottier.

Classic Scratch – Men’s high game: 266, Dale Dunckel. 257, Smiley Smith. 245, Jason VanderWeide. Men’s high series: 678, Dale Dunckel. 662, Jason VanderWeide. 615, Smiley Smith. Women’s high game: 197, Karen Trottier. Women’s high series: 443, Kristi Marchand. 434, Karen Trottier. 396, Panda Dunckel.

King Pin – Men’s high game: 239, Andy Lampe. 234, Drew Autry. 231, Travis Fry. Men’s high series: 676, Travis Fry. 634, Andy Lampe. Women’s high game: 156, Jessica Fry. 152, Teresa Perry. Women’s high series: 445, Teresa Perry. 412, Jessica Fry.

Seniors – Men’s high game: 228, Robert Arnold. 225, Larry Workman. Men’s high series: 606, Robert Arnold. 593, Les McKay. Women’s high game: 184, Terry Clark. 169, Kathy Dial. Women’s high series: 511, Terry Clark. 451, Rowena Arnold.

Sun City Rollers – High game: 149, Mary Lou Herrst. 146, Lee Schreiber. High series: 404, Lee Schreiber. 389, Mary Lou Herrst. 377, Chris Parten. 367, Susie Oyler.

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