OKANOGAN — Hunters are wrapping up early deer hunts and preparing for the start of the general season.

The state reminds hunters that they are conducting controlled burns in Okanogan, Ferry, Pend Oreille, Kittitas and Yakima counties to reduce wildfire risks and enhance wildlife habitat.

As conditions allow, controlled burns are planned to start later this month or early October on the Sinlahekin Wildlife Area and Methow Wildlife Area in Okanogan County.

Burns also are planned for the Sherman Creek Wildlife Area in Ferry County.

The high hunt for deer for both general firearm and muzzleloaders wrapped up Sept. 25 in the Pasayten Wilderness and Lake Chelan Recreation Area.

The final early archery general deer season finishes Sept. 28. Some seasons finished Sept. 15 or Sept. 23.

The modern firearm season for deer opens Oct. 13 for white-tail and mule deer in the area.

A state late general season will be Nov. 10-19 in seven game management units (GMU).

A late archery general deer season starts Nov. 20 or 21, depending on GMU, for mule deer.

There is a white-tail season that opens either Nov. 10, 20, 21 or 25, depending on GMU.

The season ends Dec. 8 in five GMUs and Dec. 15 for others for white-tail deer.

Mule deer late archery seasons end either Nov. 30 or Dec. 8, depending on GMUs.

There is a Dec. 9-31 late season in deer in area 1021 for antlerless only mule deer.

For muzzleloaders, there is a Sept. 29 to Oct. 7 season for white-tail and mule deer.

There are late seasons for white tail that start, depending on GMU, Nov. 20, Nov. 21 or Nov. 25 and run to Dec. 8, depending on GMU.

For mule deer, seasons start Nov. 20 or Nov. 25 and run to either Dec. 8 or Dec. 30, depending on GMU.

As always, wildlife officials recommend reading the state’s hunting pamphlet to learn requirements for each GMU for taking deer (any deer, three-point or antlerless).

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