MOLSON – One hundred fishermen registered for the 15th Annual Ice Fishing Festival, with five anglers catching their limit of five fish on Sidley Lake and 25 fishermen catching at least one fish.

Total weight of 63 fish caught was 63.75 pounds.

Tying for the biggest fish were Kristin Williams and Dawn Lawson with a 3 lb. 2.6 ounce trout. Williams won with a length tiebreaker; her catch was 19 inches and Lawson's was just a quarter inch shy.

Lawson traveled the furthest to the event, coming 443 miles from West Linn, Oregon. She also took Grand Prize with a 5-fish cumulative weight of 6.89 pounds.

Lawson was fishing Sidley Lake for the first time after she and her husband Steve moved to the area from Colorado last July.

Josh Pollard of Shoreline took third among adults with a 2 lb, 11.8 oz trout measuring 17.75 inches.

Ezchial Pruett of Spokane Valley took first among youth with a 2 lb, 13 oz, 17.25 inch lunker.

Koda Hirst, ice-fishing for the first time, took both second and third place with catches of 2 lb, 6.6 oz, 17.25 inch and 14.6 oz, 12.75 inch fish.

Oroville's Billy Monroe brought in the first fish of the day, a 6.6 ounce, 10-incher around 8:05 a.m., according to judge Greg Morey.

“He (Monroe) maxed out around 9:45 a.m. He left and then they moved over to his spot,” said Morey, referring to the Lawsons.

Brett Pruett, also of Spokane Valley, took Mystery Weight with 40.6 ounces on 40 ounces selected by EMS personnel prior to the tournament.

Ferry County EMS provided coverage for the second year in a row, with Heather Maggi and Brian Dreyer standing by.

The event is coordinated by the Oroville Chamber of Commerce and hosted by Molson Grange, who served 160 pancake breakfasts in this town at 3,741 feet with a population of 35.

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