OMAK — Cort Scheer was the big money winner at this year’s 85th Omak Stampede Rodeo competed Aug. 9-12.

Scheer from Elsmere, Neb., scored 85.5 points on the saddle bronc Crash Gate from Big Bend Rodeo to earn $3,564.

Since no one in multiple events placed, Scheer received the all-around award by virtue of winning the most money at Omak, said Columbia River Circuit Secretary Edie Longfellow.

Some of the top riders in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and the circuit competed in Omak.

Sunday’s bull riding included No. 2 in the world Parker Breding of Edgar, Mont., holding on for an 84 score to take fifth overall.

No. 1 in the PRCA Sage Steele Kimzey of Strong City, Okla., was tossed off just short of a full eight-second ride on Sunday.

Saturday night, which always produces the largest crowd, opened with longtime bullfighter Rowdy Barry of Kennewick being honored. Barry announced he is retiring this year.

Omak was the first rodeo to sign Barry in 1986. He worked many recent years at Omak, the most recent rodeos with Erick Schwindt of Prineville, Ore.

Barry received in the arena from Stampede President Leon Hoover a Hall of Fame sculpture and a plaque honoring his many years.

“It definitely was a surprise,” said Barry. “To be honored that way, I’m truly grateful for something like that.

“I’ve been blessed to have a job or career that I love to do. It’s never been a day of work, even with injuries that I’ve had.”

Barry promised to return to Omak, possibly to help with the rodeo or participate – he sculpts and paints - in the art show.

“To be honored, especially to be in the Hall of Fame with people who have worked hard to put that rodeo on is a great honor,” Barry said. “I truly enjoy your community and have great friends in the community. It’s like an extended family. I’ll be back.”

JJ Harrison, who lives in Walla Walla and is an Okanogan High School graduate, got the fans going as the barrelman and clown every night, finding humor everywhere.

Take Saturday night.

After the crowd sang along with the national anthem, he had them sing the lyrics for the advertisement for

After one more rider broke the barrier in roping, Harrison said, “Not everyone gets a ribbon.”

Jordan Spears of Redding, Calif., won $50 for being the first to get a complete bull ride Friday night.

“I was the first rider of the night, but I was the lowest score (82),” he said, smiling as got his earnings from Longfellow.

This year’s total payoff was $99,420.

Stock contractor was Big Bend Rodeo and sub-contractor was Flying 5 Rodeo.

Steve Kenyon returned as the announcer, his many years being in Omak paying off with the correct pronouncing of area competitors and knowledge of the area’s towns.

Specialty acts included Madison MacDonald and Jessica Blair.

Flankmen were Hans Hennings and Chad Hutsell

Pickup men were Blake West and Ricky Shannon.

Final rodeo results:

Bareback riding – 1, Clayton Biglow, 80 points on Big Bend Rodeo’s Commotion Toddy, $2,778. 2, Austin Foss, 77.5, $2,130. 3, Logan Patterson, 77, $1,574. 4, Kenny Haworth, 75.5, $1,018. 5. (tie) Kevin Lusk and Jamie Howlett, 74, $556 each. 7, Taylor Broussard, 69, $370. 8, Cauy Pool, 64, $278.

Steer wrestling – 1, Taz Olson, 4.0 seconds, $2,768. 2, Rowdy Parrott, 4.2, $2,477. 3, (tie) Trevor Knowles and Stan Branco, 4.4, $2,040 each. 5, (tie) Ty Erickson and Josh Garner, 4.6, $1,457 each. 7, Bridger Chambers, 5.3, $1,020; 8, (tie) Cody Cabral and Taylor Gregg, 5.4, $583 each. 10, (tie) Tristan Martin and Levi Rudd, 5.7, $73 each.

Team roping – 1, Kolton Schmidt/Cole Davison, 5.4 seconds, $2,599 each. 2, (tie) Chris McKoen/Quade Patzke and Erich Rogers/Clint Summers, 5.6, $2,091 each. 4, Joe Beaver/McCoy Profili, 5.8, $1,582. 5, Matt Sherwood/Buddy Hawkins II, 6.0, $1,243. 6, Bo Sickler/Jasper Olinger, 6.3, $904. 7, Ryan Opie/Chase Hansen, 6.7, $565. 8, Justin Farber/Calgary Smith, 8.3, $226.

Saddle bronc riding – 1, Cort Scheer, 85.5 points on Big Bend Rodeo’s Crash Gate, $3,564. 2, Audy Reed, 82, $2,733. 3, Isaac Diaz, 81, $2,020. 4, Colton Miller, 80.5, $1,307. 5, Tyrell J Smith, 80, $832. 6, Nathan Duckworth, 79.5, $594. 7, JC DeSaveur, 78, $475. 8, Joe Harper, 77.5, $356.

Tie-down roping – 1, Mesquite Mahaffey, 7.9 seconds, $2,411. 2, (tie) Cooper Martin and Preston Pederson, 8.1, $2,030 each. 4, Kyle Dickens, 8.6, $1,650. 5, Kyle Lucas, 8.7, $1,396. 6, (tie) Reese Riemer and John Douch, 9.1, $1,015 each. 8, Bo Pickett, 9.2, $635. 9, Cimarron Boardman, 9.3, $381. 10, Joey Dickens, 9.4, $127.

Barrel racing – 1, Tammy Fischer, 16.58 seconds, $2,611. 2, Cheyenne Allan, 16.75, $2,220. 3, Stevi Hillman, 16.79, $1,828. 4, Jessie Telford, 16.86, $1,567. 5, Brenda Mays, 16.89, $1,306. 6, Teri Bangart, 16.92, $914. 7, Andrea Busby, 16.97, $653. 8, Jana Bean, 17.03, $522. 9, Christine Laughlin, 17.07, $457. 10, Megan McLeod-Sprague, 17.18, $392. 11, Kathy Grimes, 17.20, $326. 12, Samantha Boone, 17.27, $261.

Bull riding – 1, Dakota Beck, 87.5 points on Big Bend Rodeo’s Jean Jacket, $3,469. 2, Chase Dougherty, 87, $2,659. 3, (tie) Tim Bingham and Scottie Knapp, 85.5, $1,619 each. 5, Parker Breding, 84, $809. 6, Cain Smith, 83, $578. 7, Jordan Spears, 82, $462. 8, Bobby Vaughan, 80, $347.

Best-dressed cowboys (bike prizes donated by Belinda Herriman): Ages 3-5: Saara Evans, 3 ½, and Marshall Duncan, 3.

Ages 6-8: Idalia Ruiz and Axel Knutz.

Ages 9-10: Lahalee Michel and Cash Baxter.

Ages 11-12: Geralee George and Owa Knutz.

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