Eagle Track

Racers speed around the Eagle Track Raceway in close order during the season opener June 27.

REPUBLIC — Tonasket resident Brian Whitney claimed the super stock main title Saturday, June 27, at Eagle Track Raceway during the first race of the season.

The race schedule was set to begin in late May but was delayed because of coronavirus concerns.

Other results include:

Fever 4 — 1, Deven Johnson, Wilbur. 2, Scott Kuntz, Tonasket. 3, Logan Larson, Republic. 4, Tyler Whitney.

Fever 4 trophy dash — 1, Logan Larson.

Fever 4 main feature — 1, Scott Kuntz. 2, Deven Johnson. 3, Craig Drake. 4, Molly Wethered.

Super stock heat A — 1, Chase Berkeley. 2, Richard Davies. 3, Brian Whitney.

Super stock heat B — 1, Dan Eastman. 2, Kevin Burley. 3, Gordon Davies.

Super stock trophy dash — Chase Berkeley.

Super stock main — 1, Brian Whitney. 2, Chase Berkeley. 3, Leighton Braun. 4, Jason Stone.

Eagle Track 2

Brightly colored cars round the last turn and head down the straightaway (right).

Modified A heat — 1, BJ Wild. 2, Pat Merritt. 3, Jason Pestka.

Modified B heat — 1, Rusty King. 2, Deaner Hegel. 3, Mark Waever.

Trophy dash — 1, Jason Pestka.

Modified main — 1, BJ Wild. 2, Jason Pestka. 3, Daniel Watkins. 4, Mark Weaver.

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