Damon Alumbaugh of the Methow Valley

Damon Alumbaugh of the Methow Valley team competes in butterfly during a relay June 25 in Brewster.

Okanogan Relay set for July 6

 BREWSTER – The Okanogan County AAU Summer Swim League enters its second week of competition that includes the Okanogan Relays at 9 a.m. Saturday.

Swimmers dive

Swimmers dive during an exchange in a 100-meter medley relay at Brewster.

Swimmers compete in a butterfly stroke

Swimmers compete in a butterfly stroke during a relay at Brewster.

Leah Robeck of the Okanogan Bullfrogs

Leah Robeck of the Okanogan Bullfrogs tries to stay warm after departing the warm pool at Brewster.

Sawyer Desalvo of the Methow Valley

Sawyer Desalvo of the Methow Valley team starts a backstroke race June 25 at Brewster.

The league got underway Tuesday, June 25, with the Brewster Bearacudas hosting the Okanogan Bullfrogs and the Methow Valley Killer Whales.

Results had not been received by deadline.

Omak rounds out the four teams competing in the county, where swimmers started practicing June 1.

A pentathlon was scheduled for June 29 at Brewster. No results have been received.

The Methow Valley Killer Whales will attempt to defend its county title by hosting the championship July 27.

Swimming is a popular summer vacation sport, with the league championship meet including about 119 events with many having two or more heats.

Weekday meets start at 6 p.m., while weekend meets start at 9 a.m.

Check-in and warmups are earlier each day.

The rest of the season’s schedule:

July 6

Okanogan Relay Invitational

815 signup, warmup 8:30

July 9

Omak at Okanogan

Brewster at Methow Valley

July 13

AAU Regionals at Toppenish

July 16

Brewster at Omak

Okanogan at Methow Valley

July 20

Omak Invitational

July 23

Okanogan at Brewster

Methow Valley at Omak

July 27

Championships at Methow Valley

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