What if the Energizer Bunny flipped like Seattle Seahawks running back Chris Carson?

When a football player scores in the National Football League it’s become a cause to celebrate in the end zone.

Those events are getting more and more elaborate after the NFL stopped penalizing teams for the various skits.

Yes, if you land inside the Salvation Army’s red barrel at a Dallas game, you will be penalized.

No, if you toss $21 into the barrel you will not be ticketed.

If a player jumps into the stands, pushes aside a cameraman and turns the camera on his teammates rejoicing after a score, you might expect a loss in wages by the NFL.

But you will televise a penalty flag thrown towards you on the stunt.

Of you wave your warms like a band conductor in front of your compatriots playing “air” instruments, that is pure theater.

Professional sports are entertainment, so why not add to the athletic prowess being displayed with some fun antics after a score.

I wish Seattle Seahawks running back Chris Carson could have his fellow players hold up signs with perfect scores of 10 on them after his 360-degree flip last week.

That might be a great variation for the Energizer Bunny’s next commercial!

The cuddly bunny flips, sticks the landing and keeps on going ala Carson.

Professional basketball players often point to the crowd after a score.

LeBron James used to toss up powder in a pre-game ritual.

You don’t see much celebrating until a game is over in college or high school.

I suspect sooner or later the fun the pros display after a big play will filter down to college and eventually the school level.

We all can celebrate, you know, even those stodgy engineers at NASA.

On Monday, after the InSight lander made it safely to the surface of Mars, engineers named Brooke (a Kansas City Chiefs fan) and Gene (a New England Patriots fan) stood out from the other hand shakes, high fives and fist bumps.

Right there in the mission control room in Pasadena, Calif., they mimicked San Francisco 49ers receivers Marquise Goodwin and Kendrick Bourne after a touchdown earlier this year.

They performed a series of slaps and forearm touches reminiscent of one shown in the popular video game Fortnite.

Brooke and Gene performed it flawlessly, reflecting well on the six months they practiced the salute.

Northwestern University students will be cheering “Rose Bowl! Rose Bowl!” this weekend as they take on perennial powerhouse Ohio State.

There should be quite the celebration if the Wildcats can knock off the Buckeyes, as the victory will indeed lead to the Rose Ball dream.

Same chant was heard after the University of Washington upset Washington State University a week earlier.

All that's left for me to cheer for are the Seahawks - Super Bowl, Super Bowl!

Al Camp is the sports editor at

The Chronicle. Email him at

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