You know that expression: To err is human, to forgive divine?

I know I am human because I truly make mistakes.

Some of them over the years turned into real doozies.

Some were self-induced, like my attempting to predict who will win National Football League divisional championships this weekend.

The odds of being mistaken increase as I predict who will win Super Bowl LIII (53).

I surely will make an error, so please forgive me, and achieve that divine feeling of saying, I told you so.

One side effect of divine is a fading memory, making it harder to remember errors.

If no one can remember an error, does that mean it didn’t happen? Kind of like if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there, does it make any noise?

For me, my wife Dee is around, and she has a great memory.

I will say up front that my marrying Dee was definitely not a mistake.

On Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 3, we will celebrate 40 years of error-prone marriage, chuckle.

But our school chums, who surrounded us at the Colfax courthouse between semesters in a snow storm, were mistaken when they predicted the union would not last six months.

Another unforgettable mistake – my making refrigerator soup, for which you dump lots of leftovers into a pot.

My mistake? Putting head cheese (meat jelly that contains vinegar) into the mix.

I’ve never been so sick, and that includes ingesting crazy whole green chilies while living in Thailand. Big, spicy blunder.

Another lapse in judgment was driving with Dee through the Barker Mountain Fire in the mid-80s.

She rattled off a dozen reasons why I should not motor through the flames, with me finally agreeing to turn around at the suggestion a tree could fall across the road, blocking our way.

Of course, on the way back through, I stopped to get some more photos. Sure is dark inside a big fire. Hot, too.

As to the NFL final games, I am rooting for the No. 1 seeded teams – Kansas City and New Orleans – to prevail this weekend.

I want to see a Super Bowl matchup of young gun quarterback Patrick Mahomes (23) going against grizzled veteran signal caller Drew Brees (40).

Will the young Mahomes win the first of what is predicted to many more crowns?

Or will the Brees reach the summit, knowing time is running out to get there ever again?

Some prefer quarterback Tom Brady (41) of New England ending the upstart Mahomes’ sensational season this weekend before taking on Brees in an old-fogey bowl.

I’ve got no feeling about the Los Angeles Rams, which could be a mistaken.

I may screw up predicting football games, but I strongly predict many more years of marriage with Dee.

And a comfy Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 3, with us cheering on whomever gets there. Something we’ve done for 40 years.

Al Camp is the sports editor at The Chronicle. Email him at

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