Ashworth pitches for Spokane Dodgers

The Methow Valley School District recently hired Dan Hanks as school psychologist and counselor.

Hanks also competes for Team USA in skijoring, which is a familiar winter sport to those in the valley

Skijoring is a winter sport in which a person on skis is pulled by dogs (it could also be a horse or a motor vehicle, too). It is derived from the Norwegian word skikjøring, meaning ski driving.

Hanks has competed in two previous world championships. Currently he is in training for the World Championship of Dryland Sled Dog Sports in Sweden in October.

“We are competing in one-dog scooter, one-dog bike and two-dog scooter,” said Hanks. “It’s a lifestyle that we live every day, working and training with our canine family/athletes.”

Hanks grew up in Alaska, moved to Montana and then landed in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. He graduated from the University of Idaho with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and master’s degrees in school psychology and school counseling.

He is a founder of Northwest College Support and Cultivation Counseling in Coeur d’Alene.

Hanks self describes himself as “a quixotic combination of therapist, nerd, philosopher and dog musher.”

He’s worked in the mental health field for 15 years, working in a variety of settings including residential treatment and adaptive community support systems.

Hanks’ counseling specialties include working with individuals with learning differences, persons on the autism spectrum and students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.


Brewster’s Conner Ashworth stayed busy this summer playing select baseball with Club Spokane Dodgers.

Ashworth, who will be a senior this fall for the Bears, was in his first year with the Dodgers. He was their No. 2 pitcher and played some at first base.

In seven starts, Ashworth was 4-2 with two complete games and an earned run average (ERA) of 2.00.

Against the Kirkland Merchants, Ashworth struck out eight, walked three and gave up three hits.

Against Diamond Sports, Ashworth struck out nine, walked one and gave up one run on six hits.

In all, he pitched 40 innings, struck out 36, walked 23 while giving up 33 hits and 19 runs.

“Conner improved greatly this summer,” said his dad, Ed Ashworth. “He finished the summer season this August at the Northwest showcase where Conner threw a four-inning no hitter with six strikeouts.

“It was pretty exciting to watch him pitch like that in front of all those college coaches. His fastball was topping out at 88 mph, while his curve was at 74 mph, and his dirty slider clocked in at 78 mph. All of his pitches improved this summer and he learned to pitch.”

The Dodgers finished the summer at 35-14 and won two tournaments, including the Baden Invitational in Seattle (Dodgers went 10-0).

Ashworth also pitched for at Baseball Northwest for Washington Southeast in August.

“The life of a pitcher,” said father Ashworth.

Conner Ashworth’s pitching, which got better as the summer went on, caught the eye of colleges, who have been in contact.


Champions at the Omak Stampede 3-on-3 Youth Basketball Tournament:

Grades 1/2: Cashmere Heroes, Cashmere

Isaiah Gutierrez, Remy Martin, Elijah Pina, Emily Mora

Grades 3/4: Desautel Crew, Inchelium

Lori Desautel, Jayme Boyd, Derek Perez, Gary Stensgar

Grades 5/6: Country Ballers, Okanogan

Brayden Meyer, Presley Somes, Jacey Boesel, Addi Brown

Grades 7/8: Ivan’s Crew, Nespelem

Ivan Alejandre, Norma Lowrey, Dakota Seymour, Saige Boyd

Grades 9/10: Average Joes, Okanogan

Jaden Radke, Alex Goetz, Lindsay Jones, Jade Ramon

Upperclassman and 2019 graduates: Waterfall, Okanogan


Wyatt Covington of Omak scored 83.5 points in bull riding to finish fourth at the Moses Lake Round-Up Rodeo competed Aug. 15-17.


Bill Bruton played with two different partners for 300 pinochle on Tuesday at the Eagles in Okanogan.

Play starts at 6 p.m. each week, said organizer Buck Workman.

High scores: 7,900, Ida Laurie. 7,420, Joe Feddersen. 7,250, Marilyn Scheiffer. 6,930, Tim Norman.

Partners with 300 pinochle: JoAnn Harrison and Tommye Robbins; Debbie Nuehring and Marilyn Scheiffer; Bill Bruton and Buck Workman; Mike Serles and Bill Bruton; Bonnie Neissner and Joe Feddersen.


The state Department of Fish and Wildlife is seeking candidates to serve on a new committee that advises the department on the commercial fishing guide industry.

Up to 12 individuals from the guiding industry will be chosen for two-year terms that begin in September. The committee may be extended beyond two years as needed. Candidates have until Aug. 27 to apply.

Ad-hoc committee advisers initally will review log book data and provide perspective on fisheries while also giving input on the implementation of a new monthly reporting requirement for commercial guides, said Kelly Cunningham, acting director of the state’s fish program.

Al Camp is the sports editor at The Chronicle. Email him at

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