We all love reading those list time-consuming advertise-ments that pop up online.

Eye-sucking headlines like Eat More and Lose Weight or Top 20 Roomiest Cars for 2018 (More room behind the steering wheel, right?).

I want to write something like that while comparing sports stuff.

I don’t have an expense account, so I can’t consult with Elias Sports Bureau.

That means I bring up the next best thing, the poor man’s sports statistical information center — Google!

So what is the best month for wasting time watching television (idea borrowed from Bill Simmons), October or April?

Like Bill, I like sports, watching television and trying to find reasons to waste time. Weed pulling can wait.

Let’s take this month, October, with professional baseball playoffs.

You also get four weekends of National Football League games, along with college football and, if you get outside, lawn chair watching of small kids’ tackle football and flag football.

Shameless plug for tailgate parties — you can find them on Second Avenue in Omak south of the field and inside the south gate at Okanogan.

There are the start of the NBA and NHL seasons, Halloween (mini chocolate bars, yumm), Columbus Day and fantasy play for football, basketball, hockey and even Formula One.

You even get bad beats in open wheel racing. Just ask anyone with Valtteri Bottas pulling over late in last weekend’s to let Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton pass for the victory and more team championship points.

You can also waste time taking in reality TV in October, and I’m not just talking about the original reality competition, World Wrestling Entertainment (formerly WWF).

You have “Food: Fact or Fiction” (hope food is for real), “Late Nite Eats,” “Dr. Oakley,” “Yukon Vet,” “Ghost Adventures,” “Alaska: The Last Frontier,” “Long Island Medium,” “Chopped Champions” and “Scraps” (I used to be a dandy dumpster diver in college).

This all compares to April, with the opening day of major league baseball, the Final Four in college men’s basketball, the NFL draft, the beginning of the NHL and NBA playoffs, the Masters for golfers, plus special celebrations, like Halter Top Day and, as Bill noted, outdoor exercise season (East Coast and Midwest only).

Lots of TV season finales (next April’s big season ender will be the completion of “The Big Bang Theory”).

This April there were a ton of reality shows that helped me waste time, including “Iron Chef Gauntlet,” “Fastest Car,” “Long Island Medium,” “Deadliest Catch,” “Wheeler Dealers” (Ed is gone, but Ant is pretty good), “Chef's Table: Pastry,” “Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition” (notice a trend here; it's lunch time as I write this) and “Drop the Mic” (time to get an iced coffee).

Al Camp is the sports editor at

The Chronicle. Email him at sports@omakchronicle.com.

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