Rough times this past week for the Oroville High School girls’ soccer team.

The team has been low in numbers since the start of the fall season, Hornet athletic director Ed Booker said.

Booker consulted with the athletic directors in the Central Washington League before deciding to forfeit the remainder of matches this season.

“In an attempt to honor our league schedule and protect win/loss records for all schools involved, Oroville will forfeit all remaining varsity competitions but still compete in the league as a junior varsity team,” Booker said last week. “The contributing factors are attributed to a large group of senior soccer players leaving last year, and a significant increase in our high school volleyball participation this year.”

A full soccer team is 11 players. Oroville has been fielding nine or fewer players because of injury or illness.

“We had to do some heavy recruiting with only having two returning players,” said Oroville coach Kelsey Hughes. “We started the season with nine players. We are going to finish the season with nine players, which shows the strong character that these girls have.”

“We are very proud of the work, grit and commitment demonstrated by our current nine soccer players and coaches,” said Booker. “A full team is composed of 11 girls and we have simply been unable to reach that number. As a league we decided it would be in Oroville's best interest, and more supportive of our soccer team, to forfeit the remainder of the varsity games this season.

“We will play the remainder of our games as junior varsity competitions. All teams have agreed to match us player-for-player. This will offer an opportunity for more competitive events, support the growth and development of all players, and assist our program development.”

“We will only be losing one senior (Lindsay Koepke) this year, so we are hopeful that we will have a full team next year. We will be doing a lot of fundraising in order to send our girls to summer camps and help build our numbers. I am looking forward to what next year brings.”

The Oroville School District thanked the league for working with the Hornets.

“The numbers are looking more positive for next season,” Booker said. “Thanks to the help of dedicated community members who are developing thriving feeder programs.”


Liberty Bell High School will celebrate this week several additions at the school, including the Lions’ Den Fitness Center, which includes a remodeled and re-equipped weight room, at 5:30 p.m. Friday.

There will be a tailgate party with pulled pork for the open house at the center, said athletic director Michael Wilbur.

“The ceremony itself will be right before the game,” which is at 7 p.m. against Tonasket, Wilbur said of a ribbon cutting. “We’re specifically thanking the local branch of Kiwanis, our Booster Club, the Facilities Task Force that planned our improvements, contractors who completed the work and our school board.”

Other new additions include a track and scoreboard. Both were on display during Saturday’s game with West Seattle.


Dori Greenaway, an Okanogan High School graduate formerly living in Malott, was the guest and honorary coach at Western Washington University Volleyball’s annual Pink Night on Saturday.

Greenaway is a WWU graduate and cousin of Brewster graduate Brette Boesel, a senior and setter for the Vikings who took on Northwest Nazarene University that night.

“Dori (who is battling cancer) spoke to the team prior to the match about her cancer journey and about the importance of monthly self-checks,” said Brewster High School coach Marcy Boesel, who is the mother of Brette Boesel.

“She (Dori) was presented with a pink rose from each player,” said the coach. “Dori is currently raising money through her gofundme account ( in hopes of being able to go back to therapy and get a root canal so she can get infusions to help with her osteoporosis, all related to her cancer battle. Any donations are greatly appreciated.”


Omak, Tonasket and Liberty Bell boys and the Liberty Bell girls were ranked in the week seven cross country poll released Oct. 15.

Omak is ranked No. 5 in 1A.

Also ranked is Cascade of Leavenworth at No. 9.

In 1B/2B, Tonasket was No. 5, Manson No. 8 and Liberty Bell No. 9.

Brewster boys were honorable mention.

In 1B/2B girls, Liberty Bell remains No. 1 as it has all season.

in 1A, Chelan is No. 9 and Cashmere is an honorable mention.


Debbie Nuehring took high-point honors during Tuesday night pinochle at the Eagles in Okanogan on Oct. 9.

High scores: 8,260, Debbie Nuehring. 7,780, Joe Feddersen. 7,250, Tommye Robbins. 7,040, Peggy Myers.

Partners with 300 pinochle: JoAnn Harrison and Vivian Olsick; Boyd Walton and JoAnn Harrison; Dick Fuller and Lisa Turner; Tommye Robbins and Valorie Murray; Peggy Myers and Gail Norman; Alvin Wadkins and Joe Feddersen (2); Gail Norman and Lisa Turner; Peggy Myers and Debbie Nuehring; Debbie Nuehring and Vivian Olsick.


Results arrived for the Tonasket Demolition Derby competed Oct. 6.

Keith Montanye earned several honors, including best appearance, most wrecked and overall champion.

In the Tug-of-War the Drivers and pit crew members won over the Kids for the third year in a row.

Heat 1 (trophy by The Junction) - 1, OO, Keith Montanye. 2, 69, Jordan Montanye. 3, 36, Nick McCallum. 4, 77, Noah Olmstead.

Heat 2 (trophy by George Frank) - 1-2, tie, 00, Keith Montanye and 88 Blaine Hirst. 3, 69, Jordan Montanye. 4, 17, Stephen Hulse.

Heat 3 (trophy by Tim's Country Saw Shop): 1, 00, Keith Montanye. 2, 77, Noah Olmstead. 3, 69, Jordan Montanye. 4, 36, Nick McCallum.

Main heat (trophy by Montanye Ranch) - 1, 69, Jordan Montanye. 2, 00, Keith Montanye. 3, 77, Noah Olmstead.

Overall (trophy by Superior Auto Parts) - 1, 00, Keith Montanye. 2, 69, Jordan Montanye. 3, 77, Noah Olmstead. 4, 36, Nick McCallum. 5, 88, Blaine Hirst/Ruben Laurie. 6, 17, 17, Stephen Hulse. 7, 18, Frank Cline IV.

Powder puff (trophy by Webber's Dirt Work) - 1, 00, April Acord and Jensen Sackman.

Mechanic’s race (trophy by Kuhler Bar and Grill): 1, 69, Jordan Sackman.

Farthest traveled (trophy by OK Chevrolet) - No. 88, Blaine Hirst.

Best appearance (trophy by Jim’s Repair) - No. 00, Keith Montanye.

Most wrecked (trophy by NAPA-Allen's Auto Parts) - No. 00, Keith Montanye.


There will be a meeting for basketball referees at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 24, at Omak High School, said Mikal Thornton.

Those wishing more information or wanting to be a referee can contact Thornton at 509-429-3500.

Al Camp is the sports editor at The Chronicle. Email him at

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