Sitting here Wednesday, I stare at the screen knowing Thanksgiving is rushing toward me as the finishing touches are put on the 2018-19 winter sports magazine.

Right behind that blizzard (gizzard?) of a storm comes Black Friday, which I am constantly reminded on the television that you could get the same Friday deals as early as Monday this week.

So what is left by Friday?

Oh, right, leftovers.

And if that isn’t enough for big retailers, there is Cyber Monday.

Shopping online can be daunting, or spectacularly crazy if you go at it with some imagination like I do.

Take one story I located about the perfect apps for the sports-minded.

To me, that should have read the perfect abbs (ok, abs) for the sports-inclined like me — reclined in my overstuffed chair as I snooze off my tryptophan-induced unconsciousness.

Or was I sleeping off three NFL games on gobble, gobble (a turkey, not me eating everything in sight) day?

You can’t go wrong finding a bigger screen, say a 40-inch LED HDTV.

I remember when our last television (that’s what they used to be called) gave out after 30 years. We went to get a replacement in our SUV (now driven by our son, Doug, who is fast, and I mean fast, approaching 300,000 miles on it).

I had visions of a 60- to 80-incher. Dee, my wife, had visions of another puny 20-inch screen.

What settled the matter was the biggest box we could get into the Blazer was for a 27-inch screen, which of course is what we got.

Beware, those boxes are much bigger than the actual television.

Next time I am taking a mondo truck, although I should have about 20 more years until the current set wears out.

Memorabilia can be had cheap this time of year. But count me out.

I have all I need — a revered autographed baseball by Bob Uecker, Mr. Baseball, that I got during that a spring training jaunt to see Ken Griffey Jr. make the Seattle Mariners in 1989.

Seattle Seahawks tickets should be up there, although they are dang-nabbit expensive.

Doug, who thankfully inherited his mother’s common sense genes, suggested we get tickets for a Seattle Sounders game, as they are far less than the football admission.

I’ve never been to a professional football game, but I did get to see the Atlanta Braves’ Hank Aaron hit a home run during the summer of 1972 in Atlanta.

I’m not sure which bowl games will get Washington State University and the University of Washington. That was to be determined Friday in the Apple Cup.

But for the Cougs, a big, black stick-on mustache in honor of quarterback Gardner Minshew II would be great.

Al Camp is the sports editor at The Chronicle. Email him at

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