Tonasket’s Tyler Duchow (2) dribbles around a Bridgeport player earlier this year.

QUINCY - Omak traveled to Quincy on June 3, with the Jackrabbits taking the victory, 72-58.

“We are a really young team who is learning what it takes to compete at this level for 32 minutes,” said Omak coach Geoff Pearson. “We do some really great things, but are having difficulty sustaining it the entire game.”

Pearson said the team has great leaders and is improving with every game.

“Quincy really dominated us in the second quarter, but we played them evenly the other three,” he said.

Omak was led offensively by Jovan Mercado with 23 points, four rebounds and four assists. Jonny Stenberg had 15 points, while Jacob Hurlbert contributed nine points and six rebounds.

Trey Rose led the Pioneers defensively with six deflections, three steals and three assists.

“Our kids continue to work hard during this interesting time, and I am proud of their continued buy-in,” Pearson said. “Even though we are going through some growing pains, the future of (Omak) basketball is bright.”

Omak scoring – Trey Rose, 4; Jaren Boyd, 3; Jonny Stenberg, 15; Kaiden Devereaux, 2; Jovan Mercado, 23; Xavier Devereaux, 2; Jacob Hurlbert, 9; Beau Sackman, Julian Ibarra, Jayden Andrews, Genesi Arciniega.

Oroville 56, Liberty Bell 47

Oroville notched at 56-47 boys’ high school basketball victory June 1 at home against Liberty Bell.

Liberty Bell scoring – Riley Lidey, 7; Kyler Mitchell, 8; Isaiah Stoothoff, 4; Nolan Falcon-George, 14; Tyler Darwood, 4; Dusty Patterson, 2; Lucaas Gonzalez-Ortega, 8; Sawyer Crandall, Grey Patterson, Eli Neitlich.

Entiat 49, Bridgeport 38

Entiat hosted Bridgeport in boys’ basketball June 1 and emerged with a 49-38 victory.

Cristian Lopez led Bridgeport with 12 points, eight rebounds and three assists, said Mustangs coach John McDougal. Senior Jesus Torres finished with three points, six rebounds, three steals and two assists, while senior Tito Alcantara had four points, six assists and three steals.

Okanogan 80, Cascade 65

Okanogan traveled to Cascade on June 1 and came home with an 80-65 victory.

Okanogan scoring highlights – Chase Wilson, 26 points; Jaden Radke, 24 points and 13 rebounds; Carson Boesel, 13 points and 10 assists.

Okanogan 69, Brewster 44

Okanogan took a 69-44 victory over Brewster on June 3 at home.

“Okanogan basically controlled the game from the start,” said Brewster coach Michael Taylor. “We had some good moments in the first half, but couldn’t string together enough to give them a run.”

Taylor said his team shot poorly and made some poor decisions.

“Okanogan played well at both ends, especially rebounding on the offensive end,” Taylor said. “(Carson) Boesel had a solid night and was totally under control through the game, picking his opportunities and capitalizing on them. It will be fun to play them again, to see if we can put together a better game.”

Okanogan scoring highlights – Carson Boesel, 19; Chase Wilson, 13 points and 15 rebounds; Logan Clark, 12 points and four assists; Kolbe Tverberg, 10; Jaden Radke, 12 rebounds.

Brewster – B. Wulf, 9; K. Gebbers, 15; L. McGuire, 4; A. Najera, 8; A. Woodward, 4; C. Gebbers, 4; R. Vassar, R. Garcia, E. Ramirez, Z. Madden.

Brewster 10 13 12 9 44

Okanogan 15 20 23 11 69

Liberty Bell 63, Pateros 40

Host Liberty Bell poured in 63 points en route to a 63-40 victory over Pateros on May 25.

Liberty Bell scoring – Riley Lidey, 13; Kyler Mitchell, 2; Isaiah Stoothoff, 11; Sawyer Crandall, 5; Nolan Falcon-George, 6; Tyler Darwood, 7; Dusty Patterson, 7; Grey Patterson, 2; Lucaas Gonzalez-Ortega, 4; Eli Neitlich, 6.

Liberty Bell 58, Lake Roosevelt 56

Lake Roosevelt traveled to Liberty Bell on May 26 and dropped a 58-56 boys’ basketball game.

Liberty Bell scoring – Riley Lidey, 3; Kyler Mitchell, 4; Isaiah Stoothoff, 4; Sawyer Crandall, 2; Nolan Falcon-George, 13; Tyler Darwood, 15; Dusty Patterson, 15; Lucaas Gonzalez-Ortega, 2; Eli Neitlich.

ACH 61, Liberty Bell 34

Liberty Bell hosted Almira/Coulee-Hartline on May 27, with the Warriors going home with a 61-34 victory.

Liberty Bell scoring – Riley Lidey, 3; Kyler Mitchell, 2; Isaiah Stoothoff, 2; Sawyer Crandall, 4; Nolan Falcon-George, 8; tyler Darwood, 6; Dusty Patterson, 6; Grey Patterson, 2; Lucaas Gonzalez-Ortega, 1; Eli Neitlich.

Brewster 78, Tonasket 42

Brewster took off in the first quarter, scoring 24 points en route to a 78-42 victory over Tonasket on May 28 at Brewster.

“We got off to a good start and then played well the rest of the way,” said Brewster coach Michael Taylor. “We were fairly efficient with our possessions and our defense had good energy. We had contributions from multiple players.”

Brewster – R. Garcia, 7; B. Wulf, 14; R. Vassar, 10; K. Gebbers, 17; L. McGuire, 2; A. Najera, 8; A. Woodward, 14; A. Tallavera, 1; C. Gebbers, 5; E. Ramirez, O. Guzman, Z. Madden.

Tonasket 9 11 10 12 42

Brewster 24 20 14 20 78

Brewster 68, Wahluke, 56

Brewster topped Wahluke, 68-56, May 29 at Wahluke.

Brewster – R. Garcia, 9; B. Wulf, 3; R. Vassar, 2; K. Gebbers, 20; L. McGuire, 4; A. Najera, 13; A. Woodward, 17; A. Tallavera.

Brewster 24 9 18 17 68

Wahluke 13 14 9 20 56

Okanogan 67, Ephrata 49

Okanogan High School took an early lead May 29 against Ephrata, coming home with a 67-49 boys’ basketball win.

The Bulldogs led, 25-7, after one quarter, but from then on the teams were evenly matched with both scoring 17 in the second, 13 in the third and 12 in the fourth, said Okanogan coach Mike Carlquist.

“I thought we played a very solid defensive game and our kids came up with a great game plan,” he said. “It was a big win for us, as Ephrata had just won two close games over two good teams, Brewster and Chelan.”

Okanogan scoring - Carson Boesel, 26; Logan Clark, 3; Kolbe Tverberg, 9; Jaden Radke, 8; Chase Wilson, 17; Julian Perez, 2.

Okanogan 79, Omak 53

Okanogan led 24-6 at the end of the first quarter against Omak on May 25, ultimately taking a 79-53 victory on the Pioneers’ court, said Okanogan coach Mike Carlquist.

Carson Boesel poured in nine points in the first quarter for the Bulldogs. He finished the night with 25.

“The game was played pretty even over the next two quarters, with Omak’s Jeran Mercedo scoring 22 points in those two quarters,” said Carlquist.

Okanogan scoring - Logan Clark, 4; Kolbe Tverberg, 16; Jaden Radke, 14; Carson Boesel, 25; Chase Wilson, 18; Grant Gillespie, 2; Ryley Moore, 2.

Okanogan 73, Warden 39

Against Warden on May 27, Okanogan led a 33-9 lead after one quarter and 54-24 at the half en route to a 73-39 victory at Warden.

All of Okanogan’s players got time in the second half, said Bulldog coach Mike Carlquist.

Logan Clark, a senior, had a career-high of 21 points to lead Okanogan.

Okanogan stats – Logan Clark, 25 points; Kolbe Tverberg, 11 points, four steals; Carson Boesel, 14 points, eight assists; Jaden Radke, 14 points, 12 rebounds; Chase Wilson, 8 points; Julian Perez, 5 points.

Pateros 62, Bridgeport 60

Pateros traveled up the Columbia on May 27 and notched a 62-60 win over Bridgeport.

“It was a good team effort by my guys,” said Pateros coach Marcus Stennes. “They were able to handle Bridgeport’s defensive pressure and capitalize in transition for some baskets.”

Pateros struggled with free throws and finding Bridgeport’s shooters, said Stennes.

“Overall, it’s good to see out guys’ growth from game to game and them continuing to get better,” he said. “It was rough only having five practices before jumping into this season.”

Pateros stats - Dylan Bosch, 14 points, 15 rebounds; Chris Poore, 15 points, six rebounds; Eric Espino, six rebounds; Pidi Pamatz, 7 points, two assists; Lucas Miller, 2 points, seven rebounds; Aiden Hall, 17 points, 18 rebounds; Calvin Blackburn, 7 points, five rebounds.

Pateros 18 34 49 62

Bridgeport 15 27 41 60

Pateros 63, Waterville-Mansfield 43

A good team effort went into Pateros’ 63-43 victory over Waterville-Mansfield at home June 1, said Pateros coach Marcus Stennes.

“We did a good job of moving the ball and knocking down shots,” said Stennes.

Lucas Miller and Eric Espino led Pateros with 15 points apiece.

Pateros stats - Dylan Bosch, 9 points, 10 rebounds, two assists; Chris Poore, 9 points, seven rebounds, six assists; Eric Espino, 15 points, six rebounds, three steals; Pidi Pamatz, 3 points, two steals; Lucas Miller, 15 points, nine rebounds; Aiden Hall, 12 points, 11 rebounds, six assists.

Pateros 19 36 46 63

Waterville-Mansfield 4 18 27 43


Chelan 71, Omak 50

Waterville 53, Pateros 42

Pateros 27, Cle Elum-Roslyn, 26

Lake Roosevelt 62, Tonasket 49

Soap Lake 73, Pateros 54

Cashmere 59, Omak 33

Bridgeport 68, Entiat 53

Lake Roosevelt 65, Wahluke 53

Lake Roosevelt 62, Tonasket 49

Oroville 64, Liberty Bell 57

Oroville 81, Entiat 43

Oroville 65, Soap Lake 33

Brewster 79, Tonasket 43

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